Private CBSE candidates demand common rule and cancellation of exams
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Private CBSE candidates demand common rule and cancellation of exams

File review plea to cancel class 12 exams in the apex court

Private CBSE candidates demand common rule and cancellation of exams

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has canceled the class 12 board exam. However, private/compartment/patrachar candidates will have to compulsorily appear for their class 12 exams. This has not gone well with those impacted and they have filed a review plea in the Supreme Court (SC) for cancellation of class 12 exams for them on the same lines as others.

A review plea filed by Advocate Mamta challenges the June 22 SC order, which had approved the decision of CBSE to cancel regular exams and had excluded them out of it. The plea is to strike down Clause 29 of the policy decision dated June 17 as notified by CBSE, and directions for declaration of results of private, patrachar and compartment students on the basis of objective methodology by July 31, 2021.

For the private candidates, the court has planned that examinations will be conducted between August 15 and September 15 and the results would be declared soon after.

 “We request that results should be declared by July 31 along with the regular students. The main reason stated by CBSE for conducting examinations for these sets of private students is that they don't have data/internal marks to evaluate private/patrachar candidates,” explained Sukhpal Singh Toor, general secretary of the Gautam Budh Nagar Parents' Welfare Society.

“However, the fact is that patrachar/private candidates can be assessed based on previous performance. They have previous records of class 10th/12th/internals/projects and practicals. From the roll numbers of the candidates, CBSE can easily trace out their past performance. The point to be noted is that the majority of private candidates had already passed in some subjects in their previous attempts at the CBSE Class XII main board exams.”

 “We were relieved when CBSE announced the cancelation of board exams. My daughter wants to attempt overseas universities for further studies. Upon cancellation of the exam, we were relaxed and paid the fees of the Le Cordon Bleu University, Paris, France. However, after a few days, CBSE mentioned that compartment/private/patrachar candidates will also need to appear for exams. We are in a fix now,” exclaimed Jayshree Sharma, mother of Kaatyani Bhargav.

“Exams will be conducted between August 15 and September 15 and results will be declared in October. The problem is her graduation classes will start on September 15 and for a visa, she has to mention her results. If the result is late, then my daughter will lose one year. I also tried to reach Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, but it is very difficult to approach any politician," added Sharma.

“If exams are conducted till September, I will not be able to join my university in September 2021 and I stand to lose a year. To facilitate visa proceedings, I require my July-end mark sheets or my case will get deferred to next year. I stand to lose my seat,” complained Kaatyani Bhargav, Jayshree’s daughter.

“Last year, my son graduated from DPS Dwarka. He wants to study abroad and pass the foreign university exam for pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science. He got a seat at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. The university gave him provisional admission because he had to improve his marks in Maths and English to clear the eligibility criteria of the university. He may lose a year and ultimately even his seat in the university,” explained Dr. Anand, father of Abhigya Anand.