Raincoats that will make you look cooler
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Raincoats that will make you look cooler

While there are many umbrellas in our homes, we still lack raincoats

Raincoats that will make you look cooler

Dressing for the monsoon season can be tricky, however our recommendation of stylish raincoats will make sure you score points on the sartorial meter while you stay dry. With gloomy skies and unexpected downpours, it’s no wonder that most of us often find ourselves standing in front of our wardrobes for hours, trying to pick an outfit that’ll keep us safe from any sporadic rain showers. While umbrellas are more commonplace raincoats are still seldom used. One of the easiest solutions is to just protect your outfit with a raincoat. However, raincoats independently also make a style statement. And yes you don’t need to sacrifice style to keep dry.

Upgrade your monsoon look with these stylish raincoats. Here’s a pro tip - Buy raincoats with bright and splashing colours. 


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Ponchos are wide, airy, and breathable raincoats that you just need to slip on over your head. It falls till your hip-length and it can go down till knees as well. It looks almost similar to a hood. It’s generally used when it’s drizzling or a little more than that.

Ponchos help in providing better ventilation in rains. It’s beneficial as it eases carrying of handbag, wallet, and backpack inside the ponchos as they stay protected. Furthermore, it is easy to remove ponchos after you reach your destination on a rainy day.

Rain jackets

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Rain Jackets are usually short jackets that fall to waist or hip length. They have buttons, zippers, toggles and can be collared and hooded as well. Go for rain jackets that have zippers and multiple closure designs. This will help to keep the moisture out. 

It helps to keep you warm as well and does not disturb your mobility in rain. 

Rain jackets are easy to store and carry as they can be bundled up and can be kept inside the handbag and backpack. Rain jackets are beneficial for school-going kids as they can keep them in their small bags after they enter their classroom. 

Waterproof raincoats 

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Waterproof raincoats are designed to prevent rainwater. The water gets soaked inside the material and the skin stays safe.  It is recommendable for heavy rains like in cities like Mumbai or Delhi. This raincoat is unisexual and highly recommended for people who have field related work like civil engineers and construction workers.

Water-resistant raincoats

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A water-resistant raincoat is partially waterproof and it helps you to keep dry when it is raining for a short period. In heavy rains, water can get inside this raincoat and can get you wet. 

This raincoat can be worn during the initial days of the monsoon season. Whenever you wear this raincoat, carry an umbrella with you. 

Water-repellent raincoats

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Water-repellent raincoats or DWR (durable water-repellent) coats have a different kind of finishing in their stitching. Water beads up and rolls off the material of this coat. Water-repellent treatment on any fabric will make it durable, flexible, and easy to clean. It makes the fabric breathable and does not allow water to stick to the body. 

Breathable raincoats

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Breathable raincoats can be both water-resistant and waterproof. Breathable here means that raincoat material will not hold on to the body heat. Hence, the body will not get sweaty or overheated. 

If it is raining outside don’t make things worse by letting your clothes get wet. Instead wear these trendy raincoats for yourself and don’t let the rain bring down your sartorial game.

And while you feel good wearing these beauties you can hum this Tracy Ackerman number and welcome the downpour in all its glory.

“It's just one more day
No one said
There would be rain again
Won't blame it on myself
I'll blame it on the weatherman”