Ace the casual wear at your workplace
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Ace the casual wear at your workplace

Smart-casual attire is a professional dress style that incorporates trendy pieces

Ace the casual wear at your workplace

The speech from Polonius from Shakespeare’s Hamlet has a line which say, “An apparel oft proclaims the man”. Your appearance dictates your aura and hence it is essential to work on that.

Clothes have a role to play in creating that first impression. Hence, dressing for the workplace is a major component in work-life. Sensible dressing at the workplace helps an individual to make a good impression on everyone around the office.

Getting too formal or too casual can break your impression at your workplace. Smart-casual allows for flexibility and a greater opportunity to showcase your style. Smart-casual attire is a professional dress style that incorporates trendy pieces into an outfit to achieve a clean, yet comfortable, semi-formal appearance. Our clothes communicate before we speak and so it's important to think about the message we want to communicate when picking out what to wear for work.

Here's a handy guide for you to ace your casual look at your workplace.

Look around & absorb

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It's popularly said “Dress for the job you want”. In simple terms, we can take hints from our fellow coordinators to stabilize and look well-dressed. One can simply stand out to look well maintained and not out of the box in any way.

The more universal you look, the better

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The only way to stand out is to keep it crisp and well maintained. This should always be kept in mind to look neutral with whatever you plan to wear, going too formal or too casual can hamper your overall impression. Wearing your crocs or a loose t-shirt can hamper your impression.

Casual clothes don’t mean Friday wear

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Always remember that "casual dress" does not mean "baggy dress." Even if you're wearing a pullover or a t-shirt, they should be neatly ironed, well-fitted and clean. We should always keep in mind that our go-to yoga pants, shorts, and other clothes that we wore for a weekend cannot stand out to be our work clothes. We can formally wear our casual clothes by adjusting our choice of attire with other elements.

Work clothes should always be smart

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We should always keep in mind to keep it smart, sharp, and crisp. Wearing unsuitable loose or too tight clothing can be very distracting for others around you. It can even lay an inaccurate impression. Stick to the basics and avoid experimenting with the trend in the workplace. Simple, subtle, and fuss-free clothes are the most recommended colours.

Some ideas to rock the smart-casual at your workplace

The most basic will always end up looking attractive and you'll easily rock your smart-casual outfit to work.

Like:- Basic colour t-shirts, plain or lightly striped/checked shirts, sweaters, open jackets.

A pair of dark-toned jeans, straight pants, chinos, khakis, slacks, sneakers, loafers, boots, bellies can work well to rock that smart-casual look at the office.