Bakri-Eid 2021: Elevate your eid feast with a complete 5-course meal
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Bakri-Eid 2021: Elevate your eid feast with a complete 5-course meal

The perfect start to the day is eating delicious food in the morning

Bakri-Eid 2021: Elevate your eid feast with a complete 5-course meal

Bakri-Eid is celebrated by Muslims with special prayers, gifts and greetings. If you didn't know, the mutton sacrificed today is distributed in three parts -- for family, for relatives and friends and the poor.

If you’re someone who’s out of breakfast options for Bakri-Eid, this article is just the right one for you. So, gather your ingredients to cook some special Bakri-Eid dishes.

Here is a list of 5 yummy dishes which can make for a complete meal for you. All you have to do is begin cooking:

Awadhi biryani

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A very renowned biryani from Lucknow, it has the perfect mix of spices that makes it more flavourful. The biryani is layered with rice and yummy mutton pieces. It’s then topped with soaked saffron in milk which just adds the additional punch to Awadhi biryani.

This royal biryani is usually enjoyed on special occasions like Eid. The preparation of the biryani does take time but it’s worth the wait.

Mutton korma

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All-time favourite mutton korma is something without which no Eid celebration could ever be complete. Sure, this slow-cooked delicacy takes time, but the results are off the juicy flavourful meat chunks that are great to eat with roti, rice or biryani.

Kakori kebabs


What better to start the celebrations than these easy and flavourful kebabs? Made in a shorter span of time, all they require is minced mutton, raw papaya, masalas like jeera, coriander, black pepper powder and ghee for brushing at the end.

Sheer khurma

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There's nothing that will beat a sweet sheer khurma after the heavenly meal that you devoured. Eid isn't complete without this creamy dessert and therefore the better part is that it's quite easy to try.

Shami kebab

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Another popular kebab dish, shami kebab, is soft, spicy and melts in your mouth in no time. The recipe for mutton shami kebab is fuss-free and it can be cooked easily at home.

We hope your Eid celebrations are elevated with these recipes. Bakri-Eid 2021, Mubarak!