Continental food with an Indian twist
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Continental food with an Indian twist

As continental cuisine came to India, we took it and made it our own by adding some desi twist

Continental food with an Indian twist

Continental food originated from Europe and has travelled the world now. Indian and Chinese cuisines are essentially not a part of continental platter, it consists of French and Mediterranean food.

You’d find sauces being used as seasoning in continental food and the cooking techniques are confined to roasting, frying and baking. However, as continental cuisine came to India, we took it and made it our own by adding some desi twist.
How, you may ask. Well, here are a few examples:

Chicken sandwich

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Chicken Sandwich is filled with the goodness of boneless chicken put between cheese slices, lettuce, veggies and a lot of sauces and dressings. It’s one of the easiest recipes one can prepare to fulfil their hunger pangs.

You can experiment and give it an Indian style by opting for spices typically used in Indian kitchens to marinate the chicken or adding different stuffing like marinated boiled potatoes or  paneer. It's a staple for people pressed on time as it's quick and easy to prepare. 


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A classic cheese pizza has tons of grated cheese sprinkled on its base plastered with pizza/tomato sauce. This continental dish has minimal spices but lots of cheese. Pizza is known for its thin crust and delectable taste.

However, the desi moms and cooks have managed to give pizza a twist by changing the toppings and inventing paneer tikka pizza, chicken tikka pizza and what not!

Paneer steak

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Paneer is the only element that gives the Indian touch to this continental dish. It is pan-fried cottage cheese baked with cheese and tomatoes. Yeah, we know you are drooling already. What’s more Indian than paneer, afterall?


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It is a popular dish in North America and is often cooked with elbow macaroni. The same dish, known simply as macaroni cheese, is also found in Great Britain. We have given an Indian twist to macaroni as well. Kids relish eating Indian style masala macaroni prepared with desi spices and green vegetables. It makes for a good breakfast and tiffin recipe.

French fries

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French fries are undoubtedly the most popular continental dish. They are an instant mood lifter. It was once a side dish served along with burgers or pizzas but now fries have established their own legacy and indeed, they are appetizing.

From classic salted fries to mexican salsa fries, french fries have come a long way in recent years. Indian twist to it is the different spices and toppings like- cheesy, peri-peri and red chilli fries.

We are sure that just the mention of these dishes left you craving for more. What are you waiting for? Get up and get cooking!