Parda hai parda: Curtains to amp up your home
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Parda hai parda: Curtains to amp up your home

Curtains can have a huge impact on the mood and setting of any section in the home

Parda hai parda: Curtains to amp up your home

Curtains are one of the primary home decor elements and if done right, they can change the whole look of the house. They can have a significant impact on the mood and setting of any section in the home and thus, they can be played with to have a change of mood and visuals.

Everyone has their own taste of ambience for their home and to achieve that, curtains can come in very handy. To help you out, we have created a list of types of curtains you can use to up your home decor game:

Pinch-pleat curtains

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The folds of this curtain fabric are pinched and attached at the top. It is simple yet classic because it can easily match your home interiors. The crisp of this curtain makes it unfussy.

Long pinch-pleats curtains are suitable for large rooms like living rooms or bedrooms. Make sure you buy the right colours when shopping for it.

Goblet-style curtains

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These curtains are gathered and pleated to give them a goblet-style look. They are more suitable for homes with traditional interiors as their looks have an ancient quality to them. Goblet-style curtains look better on curtain poles rather than curtain tracks.

They look elegant and add to the sophistication of your home if that's what you’re going for.

Ripple-fold curtains

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Ripple-fold curtains are hassle-free and do not consume time while removing or hanging it. These curtains are suitable for home and office interiors, thanks to the perfect and uniform pleats. Avoid off-white, white, or cream colours in these curtains. Go bold and opt for colours like green and blue instead.

Grommet curtains

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Grommet curtains are popular for giving a modern look to the interior. You need to take out the pole, then arrange the curtains in the form of pleats. Remember to buy these curtains in dark colours and soft patterns. More than doors, they sit well on windows.

Box-pleat curtains

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Box-pleat curtains are those stylish curtains that have box-type designs on their top. It has a tailored pleat which makes this curtain look bulky and provides frills to it.

Tying a contrasting coloured ribbon at the center of the curtain will amp up its look. Such curtains are mainly used in living rooms or in rooms where you put your TV set to get that movie theatre ambiance.

This capsule curtain closet will help decorate your home more than light.