Time to satin-ize yourself
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Time to satin-ize yourself

Satin is more than just a soft, shiny fabric often used for fancy dresses

Time to satin-ize yourself

We all look for soft and easy-to-carry fabrics while shopping for clothes. However, fabrics like chiffon, velvet, georgette, crepe, brocade, and denim are not as soft in comparison to satin. 

Satin is more than a shiny soft fabric. Marc Jacobs, a fashion design professor, wrote in an article, “Satin weaves are more flexible than plain weave fabrics, and satin is generally known for its lustrous finish and beautiful drape. Satin fabric is characterized by a soft, lustrous surface on one side, with a duller surface on the other side. This is a result of the satin weaving technique, and there are many variations on what defines a satin weave.”

Apart from softness, the fabric is known for having a shiny font, beautiful drape, durability and for being wrinkle-resistant. These characteristics make it popular amongst the masses. 

Here are some garments with which you can satin-ize your wardrobe:

Satin floral dresses

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Satin dresses are usually made with one satin fabric. But what’s trending these days are floral satin dresses. Cut sleeves or full sleeves ruffle dress paired with gladiator footwear makes a nice outfit for a day party.

Satin pantsuit

Credit: SeenIt.in

Satin pantsuits are the new formal looks. Avoid wearing pencil heels or boots with them. Wear flats, wedges, or bellies with them. Pants in these outfits should be parallel. Skinny satin pants do not look chic. You can play with the sleeves of the coat by choosing ruffle sleeves or puffy sleeves. 

Satin skirt

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Satin skirts are multipurpose as they can be worn as a western skirt with a crop top, off-shoulder top, or denim shirt and can be styled with embroidered choli or a blouse as ethnic wear. The colours that suits these skirts are grey, olive, cream, peach, and purple. You can buy an A-line cut in these skirts. 

Satin ruffle top

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A V-neck top, bow-tie tops, backless top, halter neck top, or shirts are some of the satin tops which can be worn with regular jeans, pants, or skirts. These tops will amplify the look of dull bottom wear and your overall look as well. Just handle these tops with care if you wear them regularly as they can be spoiled with things like oil, dust etc and will leave behind a patch on your top. 

Satin saree

Credit: Swtantra.com

Satin saree is evergreen. Earlier, the same coloured satin saree without print or embroidery was in trend but now things have changed. Satin sarees with geometric prints, block prints, stripes, and bold borders on a plain satin cloth are getting hogging the limelight. One speciality about satin sarees is that they can be mixed and matched with golden and silver coloured blouses easily. For those who are draping a saree for the first time, satin is an easy fabric to start with.

Satin coats

Credit: shopstyle.com

Satin coats provide a shiny element to the overall look. Pastel coloured coats go well with dark coloured jeans or pants. Some of the colours you can choose in satin coats are baby pink, light blue, light green, and carrot colour. If you want to carry this coat for night parties, choose colours like magenta, royal blue, dark green etc. 

Varnika Pundir, a stylist at PraRai Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Noida, said, “Satin fabric is breathable, lightweight and keeps people cool while remaining heavy on style. A memorable reference of satin is of old Hollywood gowns, high slits and drapes. Currently, teal pink and poppy citrus colours are trending in satin garments.”

“Even colour-blocked satin gowns, tea-length dresses, lace satin dresses, and butterfly draped gowns are some of the satin garments trending for party wear. Satin is a feminine fabric but is now also used in tuxedos and jackets as well,” added Pundir.  

Satin garments will never give you a dull look. It’s time to satin-ize yourself!