Mosquito breeding sites: Water coolers top the list
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Mosquito breeding sites: Water coolers top the list

Water containers and planters come second as survey finds 11,755 such sites in Gurgaon in August.

Mosquito breeding sites: Water coolers top the list

A survey by the district health authority and the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon found 11,755 mosquito breeding sites in Gurgaon in August. The team of surveyors visited 93,848 houses from July 31 to August 26 to take stock of the situation.

While the maximum number of larvae breeding sites, 4,202, were found in water coolers, 3,134 breeding sites were found in planters and containers. Mosquito larvae was present in 1,004 water tanks, 1,666 open dustbins and 1,749 waterlogged sites.

The data also revealed a total of 5,024 cases of fever recorded during the same period. Dr Ramesh Dhankar, Gurgaon's chief medical officer (CMO), said, “We have issued more than 100 notices to defaulters. We have been inspecting the sites regularly and keeping a close watch on repeat defaulters. Strict action will be taken against those found violating the norms for the second time.”

"While one can prevent accumulation of water in coolers and planters, it is difficult for individuals to keep a check over waterlogged sites in and around residential areas. Civic authorities should intensify the drive to remove and prevent waterlogging across the city. Construction sites, in particular, should be inspected regularly," said Dr Ritu Jain, a Gurgaon-based physician.