Swing is King
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Swing is King

Indoor swings are comfortable, easy to fit in and they even have cushions

Swing is King

Swings are always seen as outdoor street furniture usually found in public parks. A nostalgic extension of using swings was the makeshift swings that were used in homes. However, nowadays swings have made a quiet entry in our home décor and have become an important component of rest and leisure at home.

The indoor swings are comfortable, with cushions and are easy to fit in. They are also an escape from the boring beds that made us lazy during lockdown.

If you’re looking to get indoor swings added to your home aesthetics, here are a few options -

Single seater swings for home and balcony

Credit: amazon.in

Single seater swing with an iron stand comes with a hook to hang on and cushions to fix in. The perks of having it are that it is easily movable and hence can be kept inside the home and in outdoor spaces like balconies as well.

You can also experiment with their colours and don’t shy away from getting them in bright colours. Keep in mind to get a water-resistant swing chair as you won’t like it getting rusted in the monsoon.

Hanging swing for children

Credit: Pinterest

Now this is a treat especially for your kids. Due to Covid it has become difficult for them to go out in parks and play. However, you can take their boredom away with this swing especially meant for them. It will help them stay active and playful as well.

Iron swings with cushions

Credit: woodentwist.com

This multipurpose swing offers both the benefits of a swing and a chair. It can enhance the aesthetics of your drawing-room or any part of the house for that matter. Whether you want to sip tea, coffee or eat chips while watching a movie, this swing can provide all the comfort you want.

Stainless steel swing with cushions

Credit: thehomedepot.com

This silver-coloured swing comes with a heavy hook to hang on and with a free spring which makes it rotate 360 degrees. It also has cushions to avoid discomfort and is anti-corrosive which makes it strong and durable. Make sure its nut-bolt fitting is done right.

Home hammock

Credit: thespruce.com

You can enjoy the luxury of a hammock if you have spaces like a lawn, backyard, garden, large balcony or any other such space.

When beds, couch or floor mattresses become boring to sleep in, this can be your saviour.

According to Healthline, a hammock helps to get better sleep, reduce insomnia, and even helps with back pain. Always hang the hammock at the right height to avoid any kind of damage. It is advisable to keep it at
a lower height.

Happy swinging!