Bollywood’s lyrical wizardry
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Bollywood’s lyrical wizardry

Hilarious Bollywood Lyrics That Will Make You Think Twice Before Singing Them Loud

Bollywood’s lyrical wizardry

Bollywood has a song for every mood, be it heartbreak, romance, or tragedy. While the desi tracks bring tectonic changes to our emotions, here’s a list of Bollywood’s all-time hilarious songs.

It's funny to see how B-town lyricists went overboard to create lyrical wizardry that might never make any sense to you.

Bet these mood-enhancer-cheesy songs from Bollywood will make you laugh more than they make you dance: 

Batata wada

If you listen to these lyrics “Bataata vada hey bataata vada, Dil nahi dena tha dena pada”, first you will laugh and then, you will probably wonder if the lyricist has penned down his frustration?

Batata Wada song is from a 1987 movie, Hifazat, featuring Anil Kapoor, Nutan and Ashok Kumar. It was sung by Asha Bhosle and SP Balasubrahmanyam.

Why did Asha say yes to sing such a song? 

Anyway, it’s her choice.
Listen to this song with your Batata Wada.

Tu mera superman

“Tu mera superman mai teri lady, Ho gaya hai apna pyar already”

This song is from the 1988 movie Dariya Dil. It was sung by Mohammed Aziz and Sadhana Sargam. The song features Govinda, Kimi Katkar, Roshni and Raj Kiran.

Listen to this song and try to control your laughter.

Hum toh tambu mai bambu laga bethe

“Hum toh tambu mai bambu laga bethe”, is a song from the movie Mard.
Don’t be shocked, we all remember that movie because of the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan and the Mard tattoo on his chest. The song has been sung by Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Aziz, it was composed by Anu Malik.
Listen to this song anytime other than your wedding night.

(Cringe alert!)

Mere baap ki beti mujhe bhai bolti

“Mere baap ki beti mujhe bhai bolti, mere baap ki biwi mujhe beta bolti, meri maa ka bhai mujhe bhanja bolta, mere bhai ki beti mujhe chacha bolti”, after hearing this song you’ll either get a pro with family affiliations or end up being more confused.

This song is from the movie Chal Mere Bhai. It was sung by Vinod Rathod and Abhijeet. Thank you, Sameer for writing such a song for it will help the millennials understand family affiliations.

Arey Ek Hai Anaar Yahan

“Meri pant bhi sexy, meri shirt bhi sexy, mere baal bhi sexy, meri chal bhi sexy, ye roomal sexy hai”
Never use this line to impress someone, believe us when we say so, because you aren’t Govinda.

This song is from the movie Dulaara released in 1994, featuring Govinda and Karishma Kapoor. It’s sung by Govinda and Alka Yagnik.