Don’t shy away from going crazy
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Don’t shy away from going crazy

Revamp your hairstyle with crazy hair colour options

Don’t shy away from going crazy

If you like to experiment with your looks, getting your hair coloured is something that just instantly works. After a point, your haircut and hair colour might get boring and for a change, you can always fall back on colouring your hair.

There are always common and conventional hair colours like red, pink, brown, black and more that are much more reliable and less risky that you can go for. These colours won’t bring much attention to your hair while still amping up your look.

However, if you like attention and risk, ‘crazy colours’ are your go-to options.

Crazy hair colours are different, attractive and lively. The best part is that there is a huge range of colours to select from. Remember that you go for a colour that matches your personality and goes with your vibes.

With variety comes confusion and hence to help you out, we have curated a list of crazy hair colours that are in trend nowadays. To have a better understanding, we talked to Namrata Vij of Geetanjali Salon, Connaught Place, New Delhi and these are the best trending colours you can choose from:

Jade Blue


For all the fashionistas who are looking for vibrant and dark shades for their hair, jade blue is the colour for them. This colour compliments bob cut and medium-length hair. If you are bold and full of confidence to carry this hair colour, you can look for the option of a global jade blue colour on your hair.


Credit: Pinterest

Bored with red, magenta or pink hair colour? If yes, move on to hues that give an ocean vibe and one such colour is teal. Instead of colouring all your hair, this colour suits better as highlights or on some sections of hair. Even the combination of black hair with teal colours gives a funky look. For braid-people, teal colour braids have the potential to amp up the whole look.


Credit: Pinterest

Move ahead from the ‘grey means old’ mentality as people now actually want their hair to be silver. It looks amazingly good on those who have curly hair, layered hair cut or step haircut. Silver colour has the ability to get mixed and matched with other colours like shades of pink, purple and blue and will make one stand out of a crowd.

Bubblegum Blue


The name bubblegum blue itself reflects the craziness of this colour. This colour suits all genders. If you are bored with long black hair but still do not want to chop them off, you can have a change of look with this hair colour.

Pine Green


Pine green colour will go with dark outfits. Hairstyles like different types of buns, fishtails, dutchtail will get highlighted with this colour.

Hot Purple


Pink hair colours are sassy but hot purple is a classic one. This colour goes well on haircuts like bangs or fringes. You can have bangs at front and a hot purple colour at the back of your hair strands. This colour can combine with golden colour highlights to give a shiny but subtle colour to your hair.

Now hit the salon and get a crazy makeover with these colours.