Extracting groundwater in Noida, GreNo? Beware!


Extracting groundwater in Noida, GreNo? Beware!

The Central Ground Water Board orders Noida district administration to take strict action against illegal extraction of groundwater.

Extracting groundwater in Noida, GreNo? Beware! Picture used for representative purpose only.

The Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) has ordered the Noida district administration to initiate stringent action against those extracting groundwater illegally in Noida and Greater Noida, and submit a report on the action taken.

The order states that the CGWB received a complaint from Vikrant Tongad, an environmental activist, regarding illegal extraction of groundwater in the district. The complainant said that water was being wasted in Stellar Apartments, a residential society in Greater Noida.

He added that there were many societies in the twin cities where groundwater extraction was being done on a large scale.

Tongad moved CGWB, as district officials had failed to initiate action against illegal groundwater extraction in the past. He said, “I had taken up the issue with NP Singh, the district magistrate, and had urged him to initiate action. But months have passed and illegal extraction of groundwater still continues.”

Meanwhile, residents of Noida endorse the development on the issue. Colonel RP Khanna (retd), a resident of Noida, said, “Illegal extraction of groundwater must be stopped because the groundwater level is declining. It is failure of the government if no action is taken.”