Cholesterol and heart are not friends
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Cholesterol and heart are not friends

Only one-third of cholesterol comes from our diet and the rest is synthesised from our body

Cholesterol and heart are not friends

A well-balanced diet is the key to a healthy body. Indian diet is meant to be adequately balanced and incredibly savoury, but during its preparation method, people usually incline to put in a lot of oil, ghee, sugar and spices. It eventually robs it of its excellence and also leads to high cholesterol. However, only ⅓ of cholesterol comes from our diet and the rest is synthesised from our body.

Let us first understand what cholesterol is? It is a fat-like substance that tours around in your bloodstream in high-density lipoproteins and low-density lipoproteins. Lipoproteins are the patterns that carry cholesterol in the bloodstream. Although our body can be at higher risk of developing heart disease due to high cholesterol levels, yet cholesterol is also a vital component of cell membranes. Its presence is important for the skin to manufacture vitamin D.

There are many more to add to the importance of cholesterol but let's understand the difference between good and bad cholesterol.  Bad cholesterol is also known as low-density lipoprotein which leads to an increase in the risk of heart diseases, whereas good cholesterol is also known as high-density lipoprotein which lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

To avoid the risk of bad cholesterol, it is very important to eat healthy, adopt good habits and also think positive. Avoid these four things to have a healthy heart:

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Absence of physical activity
  • Smoking or exposure to tobacco smoke
  • Being overweight or obese

It is advised to use de-skinned meat as skin is a concentrated base of bad cholesterol and can affect your skin poorly. Avoid deep-fried food as well. Make sure you use olive oil, rice bran oil, groundnut oil and healthier options rather than using a dollop of ghee or butter. If sweet foods make you smile then remember it comes with heavy consumption of cholesterol.