Surprising arrival of fine lines and facial wrinkles
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Surprising arrival of fine lines and facial wrinkles

Cosmetics have been seen as a major cause for a sudden uptick in wrinkles

Surprising arrival of fine lines and facial wrinkles

Even if you apply sunscreen regularly, avert smoky environments or drink enough water, you may be alarmed to observe the sudden appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles in your twenties or thirties. Negotiating with wrinkles before you've even departed your teenage acne can appear unfair. Also, dealing with facial lines can lead to spending huge money on department stores or dermatology clinics. However, these treatments can help you but one should also find out the root cause of wrinkles. Let's learn more about them:

Dietary and environmental factors

  • Cosmetics have been seen as a major cause for a sudden uptick in wrinkles which is easily reversible. However, when your body is in huge need of water, it can possibly switch to some other sources including your skin cells. It is advisable to reduce alcohol intake and concentrate on more water consumption to plump out these wrinkles. Stress and lack of sleep can equally contribute to pumping wrinkles on your skin. Make sure that you make efforts to get a good sleep.
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Avoid repetitive facial expressions

  • You might be acting to look funnier or to be smarter but you need to stop since it can lead to underlying muscles. When you repeatedly contract a similar muscle for many years, these lines become permanent.

Gentle cleansing

  • Don't irritate your skin by scrubbing it as it stimulates skin ageing.

Safeguard your skin from the sun

  • Sun protection is very important. Cover your skin from harmful rays of the sun by seeking shade, wearing sunglasses with UV protection and many more.

Wash your face if you’re sweating

  • Don't let your sweat sit on your face for a longer period. Wash your skin as soon as possible post sweating.

Talk to a dermatologist

  • If you think all these measures are not working on eradicating wrinkles and lines, then it's time to get professional help.
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Dr Gulhima Arora, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Mehektagul Dermaclinic said, “Wrinkles can be associated with external as well as internal causes. External causes include UV damage through skin exposure, pollution, dehydration, and smoking whereas internal causes include ageing and cumulative muscle contraction. To avoid wrinkles, avoid smoking, follow proper skincare like the use of sunscreen and moisturiser. Other ways are botox, fillers, skin booster, and laser resurfacing.” 

“Wrinkles form due to loss of skin elasticity leading to skin collagen and elastin. UV damage causes the breakdown of collagen. However, dehydrated and dry skin lacking water and oil is more prone to wrinkles. According to a paper published in 1985 by Albert Montgomery Kligman, there are no histological differences between wrinkled and normal skin. It is just a configurational change. Smoking is associated with wrinkles around the mouth. According to a published article by Manríquez JJ, Majerson Grinberg D, Nicklas Diaz C. Wrinkles. BMJ Clin Evid, light-skinned Europeans had lesser wrinkles than dark-skinned Europeans,” she added.