Crunchy munchy mood boosters
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Crunchy munchy mood boosters

Consuming dried apricots also boosts the immune system and makes our bones stronger

Crunchy munchy mood boosters

Extreme sadness, feeling hopeless, getting irritated or changing of mood from feeling depressed to outburst in extreme anger are signs of mood swings. This has become one of the major problems in our daily lives especially due to stress.

There can be multiple causes lying behind this issue and rapid changes in mood can lead to distress. It can further lead to trouble in keeping pace with life. Bad mood swings can also lead to relationship problems in your personal life.

If you notice that you have started to lose control over your emotions, seeking professional help is a good idea as the underlying causes could be bipolar disorder or depression. However, along with professional help, you’ll need to take good care of yourself at home.

What you eat can also affect your mood and thus we suggest you eat something that helps you to stay stabilised. One of the natural aids is the consumption of dry fruits and nuts as they are high in plant-based proteins, healthy fat and fibre.

Here are some of the crunchy nuts and dry fruits which can help in stabilising your mood and are beneficial in maintaining good health:

1. Dried Apricots

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Dried apricots are rich in Vitamin A. It is very helpful in releasing lethargy due to the presence of natural sugar in it. Not only it is low in calories, but it is highly fibrous as well and thus increases your metabolism.

Consuming dried apricots also boosts the immune system and makes your bones stronger. One can consume 30 gm of dried apricot which will help in overcoming the imbalance in emotions.

2. Dry Dates

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Dry dates are very useful for diabetic patients. Their consumption increases the probability of producing 'feel-good' hormones in the body if consumed on a regular basis. Its natural sugar helps in maintaining a high energy level and aids in digestion.

This fruit is also a good source of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium which help in cancer prevention. One can consume a handful of dry dates every day to achieve nutritional benefits.

3. Almonds

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Almonds are great in lowering cholesterol and rich in Vitamin E. Dr Nandini Chopra, a clinical nutritionist said, “If these nuts are consumed regularly, it can result in awakening the brain due to their crunchy nature.”

She also mentioned, “Almonds have good fatty acids and antioxidants which boost heart and bone health.”

It can also help in losing weight. Dr Chopra said, “One can consume 6-8 individual nuts every day.” The best time to consume soaked nuts would be an early morning after a glass of lukewarm water.

4. Walnuts

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Walnuts provide the necessary fatty acid Omega-3 and are high in vitamins E and B6. Walnuts can be a great choice for boosting the mood due to the good fatty acids and antioxidants they house.

Not only mood, but walnuts also support heart health and digestive processes. Dr Chopra advised, “It is good to kickstart the morning with 6-8 individual nuts every day as the good fat in nuts can provide the energy that sustains during the day.” They can also be added to salads and chutneys.

5. Black Raisins

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Black raisins are also known as dried black grapes. This amazing dry fruit is rich in iron and carries Vitamin C. Consume 5-6 soaked pieces of it in the morning and it will help you with your mood swings.

They help in preventing thinning of hair, greying of hair at the premature stage, and keeping bad cholesterol away.