Rhythm divine in Delhi
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Rhythm divine in Delhi

Delhi is a centre for many cultural forms including music

Rhythm divine in Delhi

Delhi is home to a number of art forms and traditions, including theatre, classical dance, painting, and music. The city inspires its residents to expose themselves with performing and visual arts, and appreciate India's rich culture.

From western genres like jazz and rock, to the mystical tunes of Sufi music, Delhi's relationship with music has always been strong. Among the few notable musical forms are:


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The enchanting experience of Qawwali, a form of devotional Sufi music that originated in the 13th century is exclusive to the holy shrine of Nizammudin Auliya in Delhi. It takes place on Thursdays by native qawwals of the shrine, Nizami brothers.

Western Classical

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Jazz, a broad style of music characterised by complex harmony, syncopated rhythms and focus on improvisation can make anyo    ne swing. Delhi has a number of bands specialising in Rock and Jazz music. You can enjoy jazz music at Delhi bars and restaurants including The Piano Man Jazz Club, Depot 48, Rick's Bar etc. For rock music, Hard Rock Cafe is a popular option.

Indian Folk Music

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India’s rich musical tradition is spread over various states of Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan and Kutch. Despite the inability to understand the lyrics completely, one is able to enjoy its authenticity and infectious beat. You can hear Indian folk artists creating magic with their native instruments at Delhi Haat, INA.

Indian Classical Music

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Indian classical music traces its origins to the Vedic period (1500 to 600 BC). There are four Vedic Sanskrit texts and Samaveda is considered to be the “Veda of melodies and chants.” The vigorous quest of the Indian Classical, namely Hindustani and Caranatic music can only be mastered by the most skilled. If you are a patron of this music, you can catch the concerts at the Siri Fort Auditorium, Shri Ram Centre, Kamani Auditorium and The Stein Auditorium.

When the lockdown was announced in March 2020, several musicians took to their balconies to share their passion with their neighbours to deal with the stress. In those moments, people could share their loneliness and be happy. Moreover, online concerts are also being organised by Delhi artists, some of them resulting in a huge hit.