Let's enter the lane of funky umbrellas
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Let's enter the lane of funky umbrellas

It's time to move away from those old black umbrellas

Let's enter the lane of funky umbrellas

Umbrellas become our best friends during monsoon and accompany us whenever we step out of the house. Though monsoon fashion is a big deal in itself with raincoats, windcheaters and even waterproof shoes gaining prominence, however, the buzz around umbrellas is also bigger.
It is time to move on from those classic black colour umbrellas and buy funky and fashionable umbrellas.

Don’t worry, we have got your covered. Here is the list of umbrellas that can turn out to be your new fashion accessories.

Two fold umbrella

Credit: indiamart.com

As the name itself says, umbrellas that get folded twice when closed are called two fold umbrellas. It has a long handle which makes it easy to carry around. While purchasing this umbrella, make sure that you can swiftly close it. Sometimes this umbrella requires extra effort to close.

Two fold umbrellas in neon colours like neon green, neon pink, neon yellow, neon red are currently in trend.

Three fold umbrella

Credit: raincoatgift.en

Three fold umbrellas are quite similar to two fold umbrellas. The difference is that it can be folded thrice. It becomes smaller in size which can be fit inside a bag or handbag easily. They are wide and currently, camouflage colours in it are trending.

This umbrella is used in summers too for protection against the sun.

Artistic umbrella

Credit: Pinterest

The current trend of umbrellas also includes artistic umbrellas. Some of them are umbrellas made from jute and bamboo. Bamboo sticks are covered with colourful paper and pasted together in the shape of an umbrella in a curvy manner. Later this design is painted with a help of paint colours to make the umbrella look more attractive.

The only disadvantage is they might be a little heavier than the regular umbrellas.

Bubble umbrella

Credit: Pinterest

Bubble umbrellas are different in shape. They have a spherical shape and fit down to the chest area. They are usually made of transparent material so that people can see clearly, as the umbrellas cover the face.

Rabari embroidered umbrella

Credit: Pinterest

Rabari is an Indian embroidery design that is applied in the making of umbrellas also now. This colourful umbrella depicts the heritage of the tribal people of India. They are used in summers more than in the rain. Sometimes they are added as decor material in the house.

Printed umbrella

Credit: Pinterest

Umbrella is more than a helper which saves us from rain. It is a style statement too.

Prints that are commonly seen in umbrellas are polka dots print, alphabetical print, newspaper print, stripes umbrella, floral print umbrellas, or cartoon prints for kids.

Be cool and funky while carrying these umbrellas.