Five seasons and fruit salads
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Five seasons and fruit salads

Seasonal fruits have an elevated taste and flavour

Five seasons and fruit salads

The tales of the benefits of fruits have been written a lot. You can never go wrong with a fruit salad when you want something to munch on. It is low-effort, tasty and healthy! Though you can eat fruits whenever you want, however, the seasonal fruits have an elevated taste and flavour.

We consume mango, the king of fruits, in the summer because of its exquisite flavour at that time. You won’t find mango in any other season and even if you do, they won’t taste the same.
Why is it that apples are sweeter in the fall while oranges are juicier in the winter?

That's because every seasonal fruit tastes better when it's in the season as it ripes naturally to attain its full flavour and nutritional value. We're going to talk about a few seasonal fruits and their salad twist. Climate changes occur with each season, affecting everything in its path. We all require a varied seasonal diet set to acquire the optimum nutritional values to accommodate these shifting seasons without getting ill.

Seasonal fruits come to our help in our quest to stay healthy when the seasons change, as they are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This aid our bodies in meeting their dietary requirements.


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The monsoon season brings a slew of illnesses, skin sensitivities, and gastrointestinal issues. You're also susceptible to skin rashes, stomach problems, malaria, and other illnesses. Prepare yourself with seasonal food to avoid contracting these illnesses. Seasonal fruits increase your immunity and keep you fit and energetic all day.

Seasonal fruits in monsoon:

Blueberries have nutritional value that aids in the improvement of brain function and promotes memory sharpening in children.

Pomegranate is another monsoon fruit that offers immune-boosting qualities. It aids in the prevention of a variety of diseases, including the common cold and flu. Pomegranate is high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects that are beneficial to arthritis sufferers. It also keeps blood pressure in check.

White jamun belongs to the family of black jamun and offers cooling and refreshment. These jamuns have waxy skin with a white to pinkish tone. This seedless fruit has a pleasantly sweet flavour and is juicy. White jamuns are beneficial to diabetics since they aid in blood sugar control.

Salads to try in monsoon:

- White jamun salad with walnut salad
- Spinach blueberry salad
- Cucumber pomegranate salad


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It may seem like winter has nothing good to offer but that’s absolutely not true. Some seasonal produce thrives in the wintertime such as juicy apples, kiwi and guava. Enjoy winter produce by incorporating these fruits into hearty sweet n savoury salads.

Seasonal fruits in winters:

Orange has healing properties and it is a very tasty fruit. Doctors highly recommend fresh orange juice for faster healing during an injury. It also reduces cancer risks, controls blood pressure, and prevents cold and cough.

Guava is an immunity booster that can help you prevent diabetes and cancer. It improves heart health and treats constipation. Guava acts as an anti-stress agent and also promotes better eyesight.

There is a saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples are among the best fruits for salads. It promotes good gut bacteria and is probiotic. It is a fruit that makes your teeth stronger and sparkling. This year-round fruit is also suitable for diabetic patients.

Salads to try on:

- Apple walnut salad
- Guava and cottage cheese salad
- Orange & pomegranate salad


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Spring is among the most sensitive seasons because it accounts for the transition from winters to summer. Because of this, your body may start reacting. To ensure that your body gets a sufficient amount of water and nutritional balance, we suggest the following seasonal fruits that are best consumed in spring to stay active and fresh.

Seasonal fruits in spring

Love mango? Who doesn’t! In India, it is crowned as the ‘King of Fruits’. But apart from its sweet and delicious taste, it also prevents diseases related to the heart. You can see the markets in north India flooded with mangoes in the later half of the spring.

Nothing beats plums as one of India's most popular spring seasonal fruits. Although the flavour and texture of the fruit may appear to be a turn-off for some, the fruit actually has a lot of health benefits.

Peaches are seasonal fruit that helps keep your eyes and skin healthy during spring. Eat this fruit daily or try different peach salads.

Salads you can try:

- Avocado and peach salad with basil
- Mango with kale salad
- Minty plum fruit salad


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Autumn, often known as the fall season, is another important climatic shift that the Indians eagerly anticipate. The faint coolness in the nighttime air and the balmy heat throughout the days makes this season even more pleasant. This season marks the transition from summer to winter, bringing with it a wide range of changes in environmental conditions. Some seasonal fruits of Autumn are:

Seasonal fruits in autumn:


You've probably seen a lot of fruit-based recipes where the kiwi is one of the main ingredients. This is because it is one of India's healthiest summer fruits, thanks to the presence of various vitamins and minerals that will ensure your body's normal functioning.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is one of the most popular sour fruits and is commonly found in high-end cafes and restaurants. Despite its tropical origins, this fruit is widely grown in India's orchards. Large amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A are present.

Lime is a super seasonal fruit, this comes with a ton of medicinal properties. Drinking a glass of lime juice every day can help you stay fit. It is a superb fruit that can help you beautify internally and externally and also boosts energy levels.

Salad to try on:

- Mexican salad with lime dressing
- Kiwi and feta salad
- Veggie and passion fruit salad

Seasonal fruits help us in digesting food, regulating our metabolism, and maintaining our general health. As a result, we are able to battle seasonal infections and stay active all year. Enjoy seasonal fruit and salad!! 

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