GreNo West: Underpass at Char Murti roundabout in pipeline
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GreNo West: Underpass at Char Murti roundabout in pipeline

NEFOWA had been requesting the authority to make an underpass

GreNo West: Underpass at Char Murti roundabout in pipeline

Greater Noida: The Greater Noida Authority on Wednesday said that the process to start construction of an underpass at Char Murti roundabout in Greater Noida West has been expedited.

According to Additional Chief Executive Officer (ACEO) Deepchand, a comprehensive mobility plan (CMP) plan is being prepared by RITES Ltd.

The officials informed that the presentation for the underpass has been done. Soon the tender will be passed after ensuring all the paperwork for the underpass.

In the last meeting with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Narendra Bhooshan on July 15, NEFOWA had raised the problems that commuters face during evening hours at the Gaur City roundabout and demanded an underpass at the location.

Credit: Samaksh Namdev

Talking to CitySpidey, Senior Vice President of NEFOWA Manish Kumar said, “During evening hours, commuters face a lot of problems because of traffic jams. There is a barricade towards NH-24, due to which commuters have to travel extra distance. The authority has assured that the underpass will come up at the roundabout. It was much needed.”

A resident of the area talked about the problems that people are facing due to barricading. Ashish Ranjan said, “If we have to go towards NH-24 from Char Murti roundabout, we have to go ahead and make a U-turn to come back on the roundabout and then take a left turn towards the highway. We have to commute an extra distance of about 2 km.”

He added, “This happens because the right turn from the roundabout is not possible due to barricading. The population of Greater Noida West is approximately 3 lakh. The underpass is urgently needed as it would streamline the traffic and help the commuters. We are elated that the authority has agreed to our demand for an underpass. They should work on this on priority.”

PRO of Greater Noida Authority, Arvind Singh said that the construction of the underpass is expected to start soon.