Street light or disco light?
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Street light or disco light?

The installation of street lights serves no purpose the area is not well lit

Street light or disco light?

Dwarka: The streets are dark, dim, dangerous and threatening. All because the street lights are not working properly. The street lights in front of Jagran Apartments in Sector 22 have not been working for many days.

When CitySpidey visited the area, the street lights were blinking haphazardly as it was a disco light. The installation of street lights serves no purpose the area is not well lit.

Rakesh Sharma, a resident from Dwarka Sector 22 said, “This is an important road and in the absence of street lights, people are put to great inconvenience. Both pedestrians and others using this road have been facing problems for weeks now."

Senior citizens and women, in particular, are the worst sufferers and face the risk of getting knocked down by motorists, not being able to see the road clearly for potholes etc and getting themselves hurt.

Vikram Kapoor, a resident of Jagran Apartments said, “It is risky, dangerous as well as difficult for anybody to walk on this road. There is a danger of chain pulling or somebody accosting us. There is traffic from both sides and pedestrians can get hit. Plus, there are potholes in some places and without any light, it is very risky to walk or ride here.”

Yatin Sharma, another resident of the sector said, “Even motorists find this very uncomfortable. It is dangerous even for two-wheelers to drive here as we have to drive by instinct and cannot react in time and can end up hitting a pedestrian or get hit by other vehicles. The street lights should be immediately repaired and maintained properly.”

The Authorities need to pay attention to this situation and do the needful.