Drive in your lane, says 7X welfare team
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Drive in your lane, says 7X welfare team

The initiative will continue for the next two months on every Sunday

Drive in your lane, says 7X welfare team

Noida: Volunteers of the 7X welfare team, a resident team on Sunday came together to dissipate awareness about lane driving. The initiative was started by the Noida traffic inspector Ashutosh Kumar Singh. This initiative was started on Sunday and will continue for the next two months every Sunday, in different places like Noida Expressway, Sector 18, Model Town, and many more.

A traffic Inspector guiding commuters by holding walk-in lane board 

City Spidey talked to various members of the 7X welfare society to know their views about this campaign.

Brajesh Sharma, a member of 7X welfare society said, “We started with teaching villagers about traffic rules and after that, we have now come up with this 'Drive-in Lane' campaign. The e-rickshaws and auto-rickshaws mostly drive by covering maximum space causing traffic jams. Through this initiative, we will try to teach them so that more and more traffic can be avoided.”

“It has been two years now since I and my team had started spreading traffic awareness. We usually drive while wearing ISI mark helmets since we see many people wearing fake helmets for the sake of traffic police. We are a small group with only 8-10 people so we need more people to join us to help aware people on a large scale. We go for an awareness drive every Sunday,” Said Shreya Sharma, a member of the 7x welfare team.

A lady and a traffic instructor holding flowers for people with no helmet

“On Sunday, we threw flowers on people with no helmets, tried a psychological way to make people wear helmets, and also made people keep their cars a few meters away from the zebra crossings. The government is doing what it can so now it's our turn to do what we can.”

“We have signboards stating – Stick To Your Lane. It is just to ensure that there are lower numbers of accidents and the faster vehicle gets the right of the way. Always remember that destination is your reward for safe driving,” said Sumit Dubey, a member of the 7X welfare team.

80-year-old Wing Commander Bakshi, a member of the 7X welfare team, took part in this initiative, he said, “I have found that during the second wave, things were well in control but after that, things again went out of control. On Sunday, we started an initiative for lane driving, particularly focussing on e-rickshaws. A man who came from New Zealand jumped the red light. He started arguing with the inspector when he was fined. I also went there. He was showing off that he had come from New Zealand, I simply asked him will you do the same in that country? Afterwards, he asked them to leave him. We want that through our initiative, fear for the law should be instilled to save the lives of daredevils.”

An 80-years old citizen instructing commuters to drive-in lane

Ashutosh Kumar, Traffic Inspector said, “We initiated this drive with the 7X welfare team. We will carry this every Sunday and make it a successful campaign.”