Darkness engulfing street of Dwarka Sector 7
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Darkness engulfing street of Dwarka Sector 7

The installation of street lights in Dwarka sector 7 serves no purpose if the area is not well lit

Darkness engulfing street of Dwarka Sector 7

Dwarka: As soon as it is dusk, the lane in front of Brahma Apartment to Sector-7 redlight is engulfed in darkness.

When CitySpidey visited the area, the street lights were not working properly and the whole lane was dark. The installation of street lights serves no purpose if the area is not well lit.

Sumeet Singh, a resident of Brahma Apartment, Sector 7, Dwarka, said, "This is an important road and in the absence of functioning street lights, people are put to great inconvenience. Both pedestrians and others using this road have been facing problems for weeks now."

Senior citizens and women in particular are the worst sufferers and face the risk of getting knocked down by motorists. People, not being able to see the road clearly for potholes etc., can get hurt.

Prema Garg, a resident of Dwarka sector-7 said, "It is risky, dangerous as well as difficult for anybody to walk on this road. There are chances of chain pulling or somebody accosting us. There is traffic from both sides and pedestrians can get hit. Plus, there are pot holes in some places and without any light, it is very risky to walk here".

To make matters worse, there is also a confusion about the rectification of streetlights in the area. General public doesn’t know whom to contact to lodge a complaint for rectification of streetlights.

There is no mechanism which could help the community people to approach the authority and resolve the problems soon. Another issue is that most of the street lights are covered with tree branches which need to get trimmed regularly.

Field staff of the concerned agency should take regular rounds of the area to find out whether streetlights are in order or not.

Concerned agencies' names and contact numbers should be painted on streetlight poles so that they could be contacted.