Contamination and short water supply in Dwarka
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Contamination and short water supply in Dwarka

The water pressure in Dwarka is almost low

Contamination and short water supply in Dwarka

Dwarka: Several societies in Dwarka have been facing continuous water scarcity and contaminated water issues for the last 2 months. However, the authorities have turned a deaf ear to their complaints. This time the complaints are pouring in from Sector 11 & 12.

First, it was the inadequate supply of water, then the problem of bad quality water. The supply of “hard water” leads to clothes not being washed properly, hair damaged, and filtered in Ro machines that have to be constantly replaced.

The water supply has only risen gradually in Dwarka, the demand has risen  exponentially. This has caused a strain on the supply. The water pressure in Dwarka is almost low. People living in different sectors are already suffering as they complain the reason for this crisis is the inadequate supply by Delhi Jal Board. They are left with no options but to buy water from private tankers.

Praveen Bhan, a resident of sector-11 Dwarka, said, “We residents are facing acute shortage of water supply nowadays. Water tankers are also not available even against advance payment. We have lodged several complaints to the Chief Engineer and Executive Engineer of Delhi Jal Board, but we are still waiting for action.”

 A. K. Narula, a resident of  Shiam CGHS, Sector-11, said, “Also, the tap water is contaminated. We are constantly watching the quality of the DJB drinking water supply. It was smelly/ yellowish from last week, especially in Sector 11 and 12. It is not at all good to drink. There is a fear of catching diarrhoea or other bacterial diseases. We are advising everyone to drink water after boiling  till clean supply is restored.”

Management of the societies across these sectors is sharing the issue  on several WhatsApp groups, complaining to authorities so that it can  be addressed.

Mamta Sharma of DDA flats Sector-12, Pkt 6 provides, "I stay on the  first floor but still the pressure is very low. We have to buy  drinking water. Now due to the pandemic, buying water has also become risky. Besides, buying puts a financial load on the budgets of all the families. Since water is a basic requirement for all  household activities such as washing, cooking, bathing and toilets, there can be no way to do without water. Whatever precaution of conserving and saving water is to be done by residents is being done.  But with no water for days, we cannot survive.”

Chander Kumar, a resident of Sector-12, said, "We get water only thrice a week. The water is not at all clean. DJB does not send tankers when we need them. This has been happening for the last two months. We need help from DJB to sort out this problem. I think a few more  societies are sailing in the same situation.”

In this sultry weather, the authorities must take adequate steps to  improve the water supply in this area.