Rock your look with vintage hairstyle
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Rock your look with vintage hairstyle

Fashion has a tendency to come back and reinvent itself

Rock your look with vintage hairstyle

Fashion has a tendency to come back and reinvent itself, though fashion is not only about clothes and footwear, it includes styling up from head to toe. 

Hairstyling is an important aspect of fashion as it can add up the charm to your overall look and give you confidence. A recent trend in hair styling is that vintage hairdos have returned and why not!. Trying old styles is such fun!  Women all around the world are trying old-style hairdos which can truly put all eyes on you. 

Here are some glamorous hairstyles which you can try and gain a variety of looks according to your outfit. 

High Puff Bun

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The hairstyle was first used by golden-era actresses like Mumtaz who paired her bun with gajra, Sharmila Tagore with an extra bouncy puffed-up bun, and Sadhna who sported this hairstyle in her charming Anarkali and chiffon sarees. 

Ladies look gorgeous in this shiny and thick hairstyle. This vintage hairstyle is becoming popular again among modern brides and young women. With this hairstyle, you can adorn your juda with gajra on the fencing of bun, rose flowers on the one side of juda and small size maang tikka will add sparkle to your forehead. 

Deepika Padukon, in her first Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om released in 2007 recreated a similar hairstyle and started the voyage of retro hairstyle once again. 

Trying this hairstyle, for weddings and retro theme college fest can really give you a bold and unique look.

Faux Bob 

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For those who want to earn a short hair look without cutting them, this hairstyle will do best for them. This intelligent hairstyle can save you from cutting your rapunzel hair. It is perfect for any vintage-style shoot, parties or any event. 

Old movie actress from America, Lillan Gish can be seen in this stunning hairstyle, giving new ideas to '90s as well as people of today. Emma Watson has always stolen all attention with this faux bob. Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor also looked ravishing with the same hairstyle at the Cannes film festival in this hairstyle.

You can try this hairdo, with any formal dress like suit pants. You can also rock the look with small shiny studs. Faux Bob will look beautiful with any western style long gowns. It can also be a lifesaver in summers. 

Giant rose on head 

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This giant rose on your head can instantly enhance your appearance and let you catch all the attention. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it will suit long and short hair both. Long hair can have curls and place it on whichever side you want to. Short hair can also go for wavy hair for this look. 

Popular actress Helen has flaunted this look in the song Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja, from the movie Caranva released in 1971. This huge head style seems fabulous with a gown and monochromatic dress. 

We can also see our glamorous girl Anushka Sharma releasing the same retro hairstyle with a giant red rose planted on her head with a beehive bob in the movie Bombay Velvet.

Wild curls 

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Wild curls look pretty and give a fluffy look. This hairstyle goes best with any type of clothing. This classic hairstyle is famous among both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. You can see dance queen  Madhuri Dixit in her early movies in the '90s with the same hairstyle. Kangana Ranaut also had the same look in the movie Rangoon. She slayed her role with wild vintage curls and gave inspiration to new-age women to try retro hairdos. 

Shanghai-style vintage hair

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As the name suggests, this hairstyle originated from China and gave an amazing vintage look with long fox eyeliner. This hairstyle started taking off in the 1930s and '20s and was more famous in the western world.

Popular actress Deepika Padukone who has been a part of movies like  Chennai Express and  Bajirao Mastani has adorned herself with Shanghai hairstyle in the movie Chandni Chowk To China, where she played a double character out of which one of the girls was from China.