Darkness engulfing street of Sector-9, Dwarka
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Darkness engulfing street of Sector-9, Dwarka

According to residents, authorities refuse to budge and the complaints continue

Darkness engulfing street of Sector-9, Dwarka

Dwarka: Eerie darkness and gloomy streets has become the reality of several lanes in Dwarka. One of the badly lit roads of  Dwarka is the road in front of Apeejay School of Management Sector-8  and Singla Sweets, Sector-9.

This has been reported many times from different sectors but according to the residents, the authorities refuse to budge and the complaints continue.

There are patches of roads in total darkness and areas with poor lighting. These are great hazards for motorists and more for pedestrians and others using these roads. Not only are they unsafe, but they also encourage anti-social elements and petty crime.

When CitySpidey visited the area, the street lights were not working properly and the whole lane was dark. The installation of street lights serves no purpose if the area is not well lit.

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This is a busy road as there is traffic coming from Gurgaon in the evening and late at night. The entire stretch has no lights and many accidents have taken place because of this.

Just a couple of days back, one could see splintered and shattered glass of a vehicle lying on the road indicating yet another accident. Pedestrians too are at great risk as oncoming and other vehicles cannot see those walking on the roads.

Madhu Vashistha, a resident of Dwarka sector 9 said, "The whole  stretch is dark. Whatever illumination there is comes from restaurants’ name boards. However, that too is hidden because of overgrown trees on the footpath. Hope the authorities repair the lights soon."

Residents want  immediate action on the issue so as going through that lane in dark doesn’t remain as unsafe.

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