The road to nowhere


The road to nowhere

The sheet of signboards is torn and looks like it might fall

The road to nowhere

Dwarka: The signboard on the road in Sector-22 & 23, Dwarka, going towards Gurgaon is broken and unclear which causes problems to commuters.

There are many signboards broken all over Dwarka and commuters are muddled about the turn they need to take to reach their  destination.

Ritesh Gupta, a regular commuter of that road said, "I'm new in Dwarka and couldn't  identify where to go and it is more difficult in the evening time. It would be better if the signboards were clear, things would be much easier for people like me."

Credit: CitySpidey

The sheet of signboards is torn and looks like it might fall, making the vehicles passing the road prone to accident. Also, commuters are challenged to follow traffic rules in the absence  of proper direction boards. Those using the road for the first time and people driving to Dwarka from other areas are the most harried lot.

Commuters want the Government to look into this and fix it asap. In the absence of  display boards, bigger vehicles like cars and buses find it difficult to change lanes at the last moment.

Authorities need to fix boards that can be visible during the day and  the night.