An insta guide for Gen X
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An insta guide for Gen X

The world of Instagram can baffle the older society, but not anymore

An insta guide for Gen X

Follow requests, DM, tag, tweet, reels, filters, stories: the world of social media can surely seem absurd to Gen X or people between 41 to 56 also known as parents! 

For the millennials, parents, or elders on social media are quite a nightmare, they can check all your pictures, comment on old posts, or worse, send requests to their friends. Nevertheless, the elder generation in India has found its way on smartphones and social media. 

Gen Z has already aced Facebook, they upload pictures, are part of groups, watch videos, comment on posts and find their old friends. The next milestone is Instagram. Instagram has become wildly popular in the last few years. Whether it is a personal account or a blog on good, lifestyle, or travel, you can consider Instagram or just “insta”.

If you are tired of millennials not answering your questions on insta features, you don't need to worry anymore. With this guide, you can understand insta basics in a matter of minutes.

  • Profile: Your profile is a short introduction to you. It includes your name, username, picture, and bio. Username can be any trendy pen name with which people can search you over Instagram. Bio is a one-line description about you. You can make it interesting with quirky and honest details. Like “chai, kahaniya aur ghazalein”. Make sure to upload a favorite picture that justifies your account. You can put a link to a website that can increase audience engagement. 
  • Instagram Feed: Instagram feed is the space on Instagram where you share, connect with your friends, and enjoy the content we love the most. When you open or refresh your feed, pictures and videos relevant to your interest. Moreover, you will get recommendations to accounts that may interest you. 
  • Instagram Stories: Stories appear on Instagram for just 24 hours and are the best way to attract attention. If you want, you can highlight your new posts with a story to increase engagement. Besides, Instagram allows for templates for creating stories by asking questions, writing thoughts, etc. 
  • Instagram reels: Reels are basically 15-30 seconds multi-clip videos which can be edited by Instagram's creative tools of sounds, effects, speed, and timer. Instagram reels are extremely popular these days. A viral reel can overnight increase your followers on Instagram, and make you a celebrity. It is located at the bottom of the insta camera. After shooting your clips, you can trim any clip you want. Thereafter, just add a cover image and publish.
A quick guide to Instagram reels
  • Slangs: If you are new to Instagram, you will feel awkward if you don’t know this slang. These colloquial slangs are a must-know for you. OOTD refers to the outfit of the day, BRB means Be right back, TTYL refers to talk to you later and not to forget, Throwback means to remember a past memory or event. 
  • Uploading a picture
Up your picture game using insta filters and hashtags

Instagram is all about pictures. You can upload a picture by clicking the plus icon on the profile. You can also upload an image directly from the gallery. Thereafter, Instagram will ask you for a caption. An interesting caption can really increase the picture’s worth. To increase a picture’s reach, you should add tag-related accounts on the picture, add location and put hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to optimize your content. If a person follows a particular hashtag, all pictures and videos come under it. For eg- #photography

Use these to be a pro, I mean professional Instagrammer.