Wallpapers: an effective and affordable alternative
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Wallpapers: an effective and affordable alternative

The texture of the simple wall paints is not as great as what

Wallpapers: an effective and affordable alternative

The idea of painting walls with nice colors and then hanging sceneries is slowly being replaced by wallpaper designs that are engaging and help to boost the decor of any home. The key to choosing a good wallpaper is not only its quality, size, and scale but what will go with the theme of the house. 

Payal Kapoor, founder of ‘Visions’ and Delhi-based interior designer and consultant said, “Wallpapers have a little bit of character and enhance the decor of the rooms. The texture of the simple wall paints is not as great as what wallpapers offer. If a person has desired a theme or the concept for the room, there is more variety in wallpapers to achieve that. Perks of having wallpapers is that it is easy to install whereas wall painting is a cumbersome process.”

Neutral wallpaper

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Choosing neutral wallpaper for the walls of the homes can bring serenity to space. A neutral palette with subtle texture enhances the looks of the walls without being too loud in the house. Try to apply a texture that has elegant details as it will be appealing to the eyes and will add a nice touch to the home decor.

Coordinating wallpaper

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Mixing and matching happen in clothes, footwear, and even in wallpapers of the walls as well. You can match the wallpaper with furniture, flooring, and upholstery. Remember to choose the right wallpaper color for your wall as it will remove dull looks in the house decor. 

Tip: For an even better look, paint your bookshelves with a similar color to the wallpaper.

Multicolor wallpaper

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You can dedicate one wall of the house to multicolored wallpaper. These wallpapers are vibrant and add a little energy to a home. Do not make it look like a rainbow and instead choose wallpapers with patterns like polka dots, geometric, stripes, etc.

Leafy wallpaper

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Green plants are soothing to the eyes but you cannot always keep them inside your rooms. To help yourself, leafy wallpaper can create the magic of plants around you. Leafy walls suit all the walls in the houses: balcony, bedroom and drawing-room. Green colors add a touch of nature especially in houses of metropolitan cities. This colour relaxes us at the end of the day.

Floral wallpaper

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Floral wallpaper not only suits the walls but ceilings as well. Instead of choosing little flowers, choose big flower designs on the wall. Design half of the wall with flowers and keep the rest green to create a pleasing ambiance like you are sitting in a garden.

Coastal wallpaper

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Are you a person who likes Coastal regions? If yes, this is the wallpaper for you. Generally, coastal wallpaper is present in blue and white colours. They contain prints like shells and spider plants painted with white colours. They give a coastal vibe.

Moroccan wallpaper

Credit: amazon.in

If you are looking for a new geometric print for your walls, Try out Moroccan print wallpapers. Especially, in shades of Aqua which have details of golden colors on them. Such walls look more like the walls of the palaces. Yes, that's the magic of this print.

Landscape wallpapers

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Landscape wallpapers are the wallpapers having mountains, beaches, waterfalls, autumn trees, etc. Such wallpapers are a one-man army and do not require any scenery on them. 

Ms. Kapoor said “Choosing wallpaper for home decor depends upon the styling. For contemporary styling, choosing patterns like stripes and self-on-self is a good option. Sanganer pattern fits Indian and classic themes. Wallpapers should be very subtle and not loud for both contemporary and classic themes. They should blend with the interior and should not just look like a stand-alone thing.”

Trending colors in the wallpaper's designs are silver, golden, teal, rose golden, lavender, lavender and grey, and muted tones of gold. Avoid putting wallpaper if you want to hide a ceiling. Instead, you can do a little texture work to cover it.” she added