Noida: “No helmet No entry” says 7x welfare team
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Noida: “No helmet No entry” says 7x welfare team

The aim of the campaign was to ensure a smooth flow of traffic in the city

Noida: “No helmet No entry” says 7x welfare team

Noida: Volunteers of the 7X welfare team, a resident team along with the Noida Traffic Police Department, on Saturday came together to dissipate awareness among people about lane driving. They together launched a campaign which was initiated on August 23 and is to be run every Sunday. However, this week it was done on Saturday because of Janmashtami.

Police inspector educating rickshaw driver about lane driving

The focus of this week was "No helmet No entry”. The aim was to ensure a smooth flow of traffic in the city. The team covered the crossroads of North eye, Sector 74, Noida.

No helmet no entry

“Collective and continuous efforts of our team and Noida Traffic Police are only sustainable if people voluntarily decide to follow the rules even when not directly asked to.
We aim to conduct these drives so that accidents can be avoided with the joint effort",  said Brajesh Sharma, a member of 7x welfare team.

The 7x welfare team educating commuters about traffic rules

"To make people aware of traffic rules and to save their lives, we are creating awareness about vacating the left turns open and letting pedestrians utilize the zebra crossing. We also interacted  with the commuters to create awareness about lane driving", said A. Durga Subrahmanyam, a member of the 7x welfare team.

The drive was successful with the combined efforts of Noida traffic police and 7x welfare team

"This time, our motto was more inclined to ‘No helmet no entry’. We spread awareness because we want to ensure people's safety,", said Shreya Sharma, a member of the 7x welfare team.

"We continued this drive even during rain. We started this drive around 5 pm and continued till 7 pm.  Wrong side driving, not wearing helmets, helmets with ISI mark were the prominent focus. For the next two months, we will continue to do this campaign with the 7x welfare team on lane driving. Our motive is to achieve safe driving which will reduce accident cases in the city. Together, with the help of residents of the 7x welfare team, we will achieve this motive", said Vijay Kumar Singh, Sub Inspector, Traffic Police, Noida. 

The drive was continued even during the time of rain