World Coconut Day: Here’s everything about this healthy fruit
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World Coconut Day: Here’s everything about this healthy fruit

Coconut is one of the highest sough after multi-purpose fruits in India

World Coconut Day: Here’s everything about this healthy fruit

Coconut is a fruit that is rich in fibre, provides high calories and gives potable water. On September 2 every year, we celebrate this healthy fruit. World Coconut Day was first observed in 2009 to highlight the importance and usage of coconut worldwide.

On the day, people also celebrate the founding of Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC), which was formed to coordinate all the activities related to coconut. Every year, this day is marked with some special theme and this year’s theme is “Building a Safe Inclusive Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Community amid Covid-19 pandemic.”

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Due to its cultural significance, coconut is one of the highest sought after multipurpose fruits in India. It is a symbol of prosperity and an auspicious object in almost every Indian household.  Before any special event or happening, cracking of coconut is considered sacred as it signifies the breaking of ego and ignorance, which opens our way to knowledge and purity.

India is the third largest coconut producer in the world. They are cultivated in states like West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Odisha, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and in north-eastern part of the country.

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Usage of this fruit has been taken in such creative ways that people are producing waterproof leather from coconut water to save animals from cruelty and on other hand, it earns high credit for financial stability of Kerala.

Coconut plays an essential role in dishes of states from Maharashtra to Karnataka. Some of the dishes made up from coconut are coconut barfi, chutney, sheera, coconut rava, they are loved by all.

This blessed fruit has high health benefits. It is highly nutritious, supports blood sugar control, and provides powerful antioxidants. Most  importantly, south Indian dishes are incomplete without a touch of coconut.