Teachers who helped me discover myself
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Teachers who helped me discover myself

Teaching is about making kids learn to read and understand but often more deep than that

Teachers who helped me discover myself

There is no way out without a teacher! Teachers bring life and brightness to our life which follows us throughout our journey. I've always been told that even teacher’s are greater than almighty as they can lead us to the path of wisdom.

Teaching is about making kids learn to read and understand but often more deep than that.  During my school days, I was always seen as a calm and innocent girl, but who knew a child with a calm appearance could also suffer from deep anxiety issues. 

It was in seventh class when I met someone who actually understood me. On one ordinary day my class teacher came to me and said “It's your duty to write total number of students, present in class on the blackboard everyday.'' Walking from the last bench to the blackboard daily was not an easy task for me, I always felt that someone was pulling me down, as though thousands of ants were biting my hands, there was darkness all around and I could not breath at the moment.

This emotion weighed me down through my body every single day whenever my teachers asked me to do something in front of all the students. Soon my parents encountered my trouble and consulted my class teacher where in they got to know I was an under confident kid overwhelmed with anxiety.

That’s when my teacher came forward and helped me gain confidence by assigning me small duties, taking care of me, reducing my phobia from studies and personal conversation which helped me gain confidence. She made me learn how love and understanding can change everything. My parents prepared me to fight every battle of my life with a strong heart and sincere effort. 

Now, as a writer and spoken word artist, I always give credit to her and my parents  whenever I am standing on stage in front of hundreds of people.  

Teachers can be anywhere around you. My granddad always made me learn that walking on spirituality can bring balance and reality to your thoughts. He is always an example of a kind heart person who can never suffer from guilt.  

I am lucky enough that my teachers not only educated me about book knowledge but also made me learn the profound wisdom of life.

Happy teachers day to all the people who make an effort to bring change in our lives!