Jodhpuri suits – A royal outfit which is a hot favourite among people
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Jodhpuri suits – A royal outfit which is a hot favourite among people

Jodhpuri suits have become associated with India's nobility for ages

Jodhpuri suits – A royal outfit which is a hot favourite among people

The Jodhpuri suit is a structured and constructed band collared jacket that is the most excellent example of formal clothing. Because of its very crisp outlines, some of the phrases that spring to mind when it is described are timelessly classic, strong, and indisputably regal. The Jodhpuri suit evolved from a historically loose-fitting top garment known as the angarkha and originated in the city of Jodhpur, which is a lesser-known fact.

How were Jodhpuri suits born?

The creation of the first Jodhpuri outfit occurred “by chance!” OK! The opening line of the essay startled me, and I was astonished after doing some study on the subject.

The first Jodhpuri suit was inspired by Maharaja Pratap Singh of Jodhpur's wardrobe malfunction when his baggage went missing while on a trip to England to attend Queen Victoria's birthday festivities in 1897. In reality, Maharaja Pratap Singh, an enthusiastic polo player on the same tour, popularised these outfits initially. Maharaja Pratap Singh travelled to London to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

During the voyage, the vessel carrying Maharaja's robes vanished. The Maharaja, on the other hand, opted not to dress in Western clothes for the event. He created the new outfit himself and had it sewn by a Savile Row tailor. When asked what the name of the clothes he ordered was, Maharaja, misunderstood the question and answered, “Jodhpur.” The Maharaja and his polo squad were praised not only for their polo performances but also for their stylish outfits in the fashion world.

Since then, Jodhpuri suits have become associated with India's nobility, from fat aristocratic royal weddings to formal occasions, Jodhpuris are regarded as a popular semi-traditional Indian dress of males. From President Rajiv Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, Shivraj Singh Patil, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to current Indian nobilities, the Royal Jodhpuri suit is the most popular Aristocratic gentleman's fashion statement in India and even this style can be seen overseas as well, like, the Beatles donned identical Jodhpuri Coats for their Shea Stadium concert. However, because it must be custom made, it is highly popular in India as a symbol of wealth.

The style and statement of Jodhpuri suits:

Jodhpuri dresses have become fashionable as fusion wear in recent years. It consists of a bandhgala coat, a vest, and a pair of pants that seem quite similar to western attire.

It's made of breathable and comfy fabrics like velvet, silk, or cotton. The sleeves and collar, as well as the rest of the costume, have amazing patterns and embroidery. Elegant buttons adorn the cuffs of the garment sleeves, which are usually a different colour than the outfit itself. The colour of the pants might also be a contrast to the coat.

A kurta pyjama is typically worn with Jodhpuri clothes. They are, however, worn with formal suits, chinos, casual shirts, dhoti pants, and other current styles. This gives the classic Jodhpuri suit for men a more contemporary touch.

When it comes to men's ethnic attire, Jodhpuri ensembles are without a question the current trendsetter. They stand out from other modern or traditional clothing because of their richness and timeless elegance. As a result, when selecting a Jodhpuri suit, one should not compromise the integrity. Many Jodhpuri costume fans favour boutique-purchased custom-stitched Jodhpuri outfits. Customised suits are another method to give your clothing an attractive look that will make you stand out as the centre of attention.

There are various types of Jodhpuri suit styles that you experiment with:

1) Classic khaki Jodhpuri suits

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2) Royal simple Jodhpuri suits

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3) Double buttons Jodhpuri suits

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4) Achkan-style Jodhpuri suits

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