Reading trends emerged with time


Reading trends emerged with time

Technology has brought everything to our doorstep without considerable effort

Reading trends emerged with time

Books and humans are connected deeply. One who has experienced this connection believes in the old saying, “Books are a man's best friend.” Reading books really help in improving your overall intellect. It also enhances your writing skills, develops analytic thinking and concentration power.

Technology has brought everything to our doorstep without considerable effort. The world has changed because of the internet. From clothes to food and from food to books, everything is available online.

Online versus offline reading is a long and pressing debate. Both sides have their own arguments.

CitySpidey took the time to explore a few:

Here is what the owner of Amrit Book Shop in Connaught Place, Sumit Sharma, expressed on sales of online books and accessing them from web platforms. He mentioned, “People have no security while accessing books from online platforms as they can be troubled because of piracy issues. It also does not provide them satisfaction.”

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He added, “There is no surety while buying books from online platforms, as they are not provided by authentic sources but instead they come through a third person which again leads to dissatisfaction to customers”.

Supporters of offline reading say book reading has its own journey, where every single word forms visuals and imprints on your memory. The fragrance of books takes you on another journey and throughout the trip, reading books evokes different emotions. In the world of mobile phones, there are still so many people who can be seen with books in their hands.

Sharing his experience, Sharma said, “Nowadays, people are more inclined towards non-fiction, philosophy, and books with scientific knowledge. Today’s generation has better knowledge of authors and their books.”

As technology has grown rapidly, social media has become one of the biggest support for different businesses. Sharma said, “Social media has helped the businesses to grow their offline sales of books in a better way, as people get to know about books in a better way.”

Damini Yadav, a journalist and author, sums up the argument by saying, “Social media impacted the usage of books for some time but still people prefer to read books both online and offline. People have started preferring books with more genuine topics related to life, philosophy and also biographies of successful people.”