Gaur City 2: Residents decry broken roads
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Gaur City 2: Residents decry broken roads

Residents said that buying a home in Gaur City was a dream for many but they are now disappointed

Gaur City 2: Residents decry broken roads

Greater Noida: Residents of Gaur City 2, a residential township in Greater Noida West, are travelling on damaged and crumbling roads. According to them, Gaur City 2 has more than ten housing societies and around 15,000 residents reside in them. There are three gates for entry and exit in Gaur City 2.

The roads between Gate Number 1 and Gate Number 3 are the longest i.e. approximately 1 km. It is in a very severe condition with potholes and craters at every 50 meters. The residents said that they have tried to raise the complaint to Greater Noida Authority for their intervention and action, but they informed that it is inside Gaur City premises and they can’t resurface this road as it is not their responsibility and the responsibility for road resurfacing lies with the Gaursons, the builder.

Cityspidey talked to some residents to know their opinion.

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“The roads need immediate attention. To inform and seek action from Gaursons, the residents of various societies have collaborated and have informed and requested the builder and their representative (AGM Rahul Tyagi) in writing to get this road resurfaced, but everything went in vain. As a matter of fact, we have been following up on the matter since January 2021. We only get the fake promises every time,” said Tanmay Tyagi, a resident of Gaur City 2.

He also said, “When a large group of people went to seek an update on the road condition, they always said that they will do it next month and the next month never came. All they did was landfill with rubble which further deteriorated the road condition. The worst part is that we all are paying hefty society maintenance charges (which also have a component of township maintenance). All our money is going in the pockets of builders and their big nexus.”

“We are normal citizens, the irony is that we are supposed to do our office jobs but sadly we have to engage in begging for basic amenities like roads and hospitals from these builders. Every time someone from our family goes out on a two-wheeler during rainy days, we pray for their safe return without getting hurt,” he added.

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Vijay Kumar, resident of White Orchid society, Gaur City 2, said, “Every individual has a dream of his own home. For this, he saves money on the cost of their small dreams and desires. They work hard to buy a home without caring for their own health. Instead of getting their dream home, they face mental and physical torture. We, the residents of Gaur City 2, have been living a dangerous and uncomfortable life for a long time. There are many problems that we are facing already. The condition of roads from 10th Avenue to Raksha Adela is so bad that we feel like we are residing on Mars.”

He added, “There are pits here, there and everywhere. Forget about the vehicles, these are only machines although maintenance cost is increasing rapidly but what about residents including small kids, old age people and ladies. They're the main sufferers. Buying a home in a Gaur City township was a dream but they are giving facilities like a mohalla. Accidents are happening very frequently here in Gaur City 2. We, as volunteers of Gaur City 2, had done everything to highlight this issue but all went in vain. We are still trying and hoping that this issue will be resolved soon.”

CitySpidey also talked to Rahul Tyagi, AGM of Gaursons, he said, “This is a rainy season and it is not an appropriate time to repair the roads. Moreover, many residents are not paying maintenance charges. We started repairing the road last month around August 23 but stopped due to rain.”