Abnormal weather and its effects on your skin
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Abnormal weather and its effects on your skin

These deteriorating weather conditions of Delhi are causing harm to our skin

Abnormal weather and its effects on your skin

Healthy skin reflects a healthy lifestyle. For maintaining a good skin appearance, a daily skincare routine is necessary, however, the weather also plays an important role in affecting your skin. Nowadays, unnatural changes in weather, from sunny to suddenly rainy, are no less than any danger roaming around us. These deteriorating weather conditions of Delhi are causing ultra harm not only to our internal organs but also to our skin.

Here are some of the skin problems people are suffering through and their basic solutions:

Extreme heat:

We can experience sudden changes in the weather condition of Delhi nowadays, when heat is on its verge, it becomes a little difficult to save our skin from hot sizzling weather. This can lead to many types of skin problems like:

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Sunburn: This causes damage to our skin cells, which further leads to blister formation on burned skin. There are basically three types of burns i.e first degree which affect the outer layer of skin, second-degree burns the first layer and lower layer of skin, third-degree burns would look like blackened skin.

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Cure: Run cool water over burned skin which will provide little calmness to your skin. Apply aloe vera gel over burned skin, as it has anti-inflammatory properties which will help in blood circulation. Reduce sun exposure. Most importantly, apply sunscreen.

Tanned Skin: Tanned skin is the result of overexposure to the sun, where the colour of your skin turns darker. This also happens because of UVA exposure and UVB exposure.

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Cure: Applying sandalwood paste can be really helpful. A suntan can also be removed from potato juice. You can also apply a paste made from lemon and honey.

Irritated skin: Due to heat exposure, people can also have irritating skin which can look like red little bumps on skin and redness.

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Cure: Protect your skin with full sleeves clothes. Wear sunscreen before heading out of the house.
Use ice in an emergency case.

Humid weather:

During humid weather, our skin is more exposed to allergies and infection due to moisture formed in the close parts of the body.

Fungal infection: Mycosis, also known as fungal infection, is a skin disease caused due to fungus. This type of infection can spread from one person to another person so curing it in time is very important.

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Cure: Visit a doctor, when something is concerning you as doctors will provide you with the best antifungal.

Eczema: Eczema can be triggered because of the environment around us but it can also cause problems due to a combination of immune system activation and genetics. This causes irritation, blisters, irritation and redness to the skin.

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Cure: Keep your surroundings hygienic and visit a doctor when you come across such problems as they can be harmful when increased.