Condition of basement pathetic in Aishwaryam society
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Condition of basement pathetic in Aishwaryam society

Residents shared that they face problems in parking their vehicles due to waterlogging

Condition of basement pathetic in Aishwaryam society

Greater Noida: Residents of the Aishwaryam Society, Gaur City 2, Greater Noida, raised the bad state of the basement inside the society. They said that the roads are broken and there are seepages in the pillars in the basement area.

According to the residents, the condition of the basement becomes worse during rainy days. As gathered, even the potholes get full of water. On August 21, residents shared a tweet where they faced a lot of difficulties including waterlogging and plaster fall.

In the tweet, they mentioned problems that they face while parking their vehicles due to waterlogging. They said that the waterlogging can cause damage to the pillars of the basement, which will affect the structure of a building. Exhaust fans are also not working and the drainage line is not covered.

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Arnimesh Kumar, AOA President of the society said, “Aishwaryam residents purchased the flats with Wallrock Infratech in the hopes of  getting a premise which will have at least basic amenities with sound infrastructure and has paid and is paying heavy maintenance to Wallrock but is not getting any proper maintenance services of the degraded infrastructure that has been provided.”

He added, “The roads are broken from the beginning. The seepage from the pillars of the basement is a daily activity. The drains are not covered. During the rainy season, the situation of the basement becomes more pathetic. Residents face many difficulties while parking their vehicles. There are no exhaust fans which makes it very difficult to stand in the basement even for few minutes.”

Zuheab, a resident of Tower A shared, “The basement parking was never completed and was left in broken condition from the beginning. Despite our innumerable efforts to have a discussion with Wallrock Infratech to get the basement, ramp, and the roads fixed, the builder is not taking any steps in repairing the basement parking.”

Pranav, a resident from Tower E shared, “Basement of the society is plagued with seepage issues which have never been addressed properly by the maintenance team of the builder and within a time period of two years, the entire exterior of the buildings has degraded and despite our innumerable reminders, no proper adherence has been made by the builder or the maintenance team.”

CitySpidey also talked to the builder, SK Gupta regarding the situation of basement parking. He said, “The raw material has reached in the society and the work will start soon in the society.”

“We demand a system of work and we want to meet with the contractor first,” said Arnimesh Kumar while replying to the builder.