100 cameras, and yet Aditya Mega City doesn't feel safe?
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100 cameras, and yet Aditya Mega City doesn't feel safe?

CCTVs either capture nothing or just grainy images. And the mysterious death of a 17-year-old inside the society has only made the residents more jittery.

100 cameras, and yet Aditya Mega City doesn't feel safe?

Residents of Aditya Mega City, a residential society on Kala Patthar road in Indirapuram, have been continually complaining about the lax attitude of the RWA towards security within the society, but to no avail.

About two weeks back, a 17-year-old boy was mysteriously found dead, lying in a pool of blood in the society. Residents allege that the RWA has not been working towards improving security even after such incidents.

A resident, on condition of anonymity, confirmed to City Spidey that many of the CCTV cameras installed in the society were either defunct or barely functional. He added that they were placed in such locations that they failed to capture much and that certain common areas in the society were poorly lit, creating more scope for such incidents.

During the investigation into the teenager’s death, the police could not get any leads from the CCTV footage because of its poor quality. Surprisingly, the society has more than 100 CCTV cameras and about 80 security guards.

When City Spidey took up the matter with the RWA, the members said the governing body had been formed only a month back and that it is now looking into the issues one by one.

Arun Singhal, RWA general secretary, said, “The society is facing other problems too, such as seepage and handover issues. We will look into all of them. We are planning a complete revision of the society's security arrangements and are in touch with the security supervisor.”