All about ringxiety
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All about ringxiety

Studies reveal that 90 percent of mobile phone users have felt the sensation of a false ring tone

All about ringxiety

Have you ever felt that your phone is ringing but actually it is not? People may ignore it as stress but seldom know that this is a modern-day phenomenon called Phantom Vibration Syndrome. Those who are suffering from such syndrome think their phone is ringing or vibrating but actually, it isn't.

Mobile phones have become one of the most important parts of our life. Some of us cannot even imagine spending a day without the use of it.

Technology has always been a big part of our life, where it supports our day-to-day activities. However, it also has become the cause of our trouble. Prolonged phone usage can create a situation where we become extra aware of situations or tensed that we ultimately start concerning calls and messages that are incoming but in reality, it is not.

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Some of the studies show 90 per cent of mobile phone users have felt this sensation. Some psychologists suggest when someone feels an itch or any other physical sensation they have an illusion of vibrating their mobile phone. In earlier times, people had gone through the same situation which was named Phantom Pager Syndrome.

The exact causes of the Phantom Vibration Syndrome are not yet known properly but professionals suggest that this delusion caused by mobile phones is very common among the younger generation. The first research about such phenomena was held in 2007 after which it was named ringxiety. Some of the research also shows phantom vibration syndrome is a result of excessive anxiety and an addiction to technology or mobile phones.

How can Phantom Vibration Syndrome affect us?
Our day-to-day life can be affected by such syndrome, a person is not able to concentrate properly in their work which can lead to anger and irritation. This can cause harm to the peace of our mind and leads to wastage of time. One can also suffer from stress caused by the illusion of vibration of the phone.

Solutions to get over Phantom Vibration Syndrome
Practice meditation and stay calm and relaxed. Change the ringtone of your mobile in a month and do not keep them on vibration. If the condition is getting out of control and you are not able to understand the difference between delusion and reality, seek professional help.