Logix Blossom County: Residents angered over marketing office inside premises
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Logix Blossom County: Residents angered over marketing office inside premises

As per residents, the marketing office is operating on land which was earmarked as a green area

Logix Blossom County: Residents angered over marketing office inside premises

Noida: Residents of Logix Blossom County, Sector 137, Noida, are facing many issues due to the marketing office inside the society premises. As per the residents, the marketing office is operating on land which was earmarked as a green area as per the layout.

The residents have made complaints to the Noida Authority but they are yet to get a hearing or response to it. They said that the area has encroached for the last 11 years. They had said that the marketing office would be removed after selling all the flats.

CitySpidey talked to the residents to understand their concerns. Manoj Prasad, a resident of the society, said, “An illegal marketing office that builder has encroached within the society is not as per the approved layout of the society. It was to be removed upon sale of the project which is being done as all flats are sold. However, the builder has some other motive of building a shopping complex in the society against the approved layout, for which they had done a soft launch a couple of months ago and had even flaunted a price list to attract buyers. This is again a pure violation of UP RERA Act Section 3 which emphasises that without the approved layout of maps, no builder can do any soft selling of any of the project.”

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“We have bought the house and paid a preferential location charge for the green area where this marketing office is constructed. We were told at the time of booking that this is a temporary structure and will be demolished soon. Now it's been 11 years since the project actually started and handover of the project has also been done, but still this has not been demolished. As per layout plan, the current passage which is used to go further to other towers is supposed to be shifted towards the end of the boundary wall,” said Neeraj Sharma, a resident of the society.

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“The current road has become a big hazard for the residents as it becomes too narrow and passes just in front of the exit of our towers which can lead to a major accident and puts our lives at risk. Because of this, a lot of labour, property agents and contractors pay visits to this area and have been entering into arguments with each other which are heard in our houses. Ladies can't even stand in the balconies due to this,” he added.

Kumar Saurabh, a resident of the society, said, “The marketing/sales office was initially built-up temporarily for selling and marketing purpose but now the whole society is completed then also builders are using that place for their official purpose. Even after complaining so many times with Noida Authority about demolishing this temporary structure and making it the same as mentioned in the brochure or as per layout, no action has been taken to date. Due to this marketing office, there is a big security breach for the society as anyone can enter the society from that gate without any check, so basically, society is not yet enclosed and secured. The towers which are adjacent to this marketing space have no area left even to come out from the lobby.”

“There is an unlawful construction being done by the goons at Logix Blossom County. The main issue with construction is the green belt of the society is illegally occupied and causing an issue to the residents and also affecting the small children because there is no sufficient play area. Especially during the pandemic, children needed space in society for playing. We are paying maintenance charges for parks, gardens, lobbies, stairs, elevators, fire escapes, entrances and exits of the building, common parking areas, installations of power light, safety and things that are necessary for a society's existence but the builder is taking us on a ride and using the fund to finish the remaining flats though all the flats have been sold out,” said Archana Shukla, a resident of the society.

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Shivanand Chaudhary, another resident of the society, said, “The area occupied by the builder behind the shield of the marketing office is totally illegal. They are running their site office from the clubhouse of the society as well as from a flat in Tower A of the society. Legally, the marketing office is not allowed to be situated at the project site, in future if they have any kind of approval from the Noida Authority regarding this then such office should be exclusive for the project where it is situated. As per my information, the said marketing office is being run by the builder without requisite approval from the authority. Further, as per the evidence available there, they are using this marketing office to sell their inventories in the Logix Green and Logix Zest project. Further, the builder had soft-launched the commercial shops and also took advance from few parties towards the sale of the proposed shop at the location of marketing office”.

“Due to the marketing office, now there is no separation from the residents' homes and cars that pass by. The pass-by road is exactly in front of the tower lobby. It's a high risk to small children who play there often or may rush out. The marketing office is illegal and not as per the approved plan. We have the plan details and it is also available at Noida Authority. We have raised multiple complaints with Noida Authority but we are yet to get a hearing or response. In fact, the authority publicised meetings in newspapers with dates but on the day of the meeting, no one turned up from authority nor were any new dates given. We are additionally facing multiple unsafe living conditions like pending fire safety audit, fire sprinkler bursts, water softener not working in spite of charging, flooding of basement leading to structural issues, no registry etc,”  said Suman Saha, resident of the society.