The Mexican-Indian flavour


The Mexican-Indian flavour

Mexican cuisine resembles a lot with Indian food

The Mexican-Indian flavour

Besides daals, aata and vegetables as staples, Indians can never compromise with masalas.

Like the Indian Chinese, we have an Indianized version of  Mexican food. The fusion of both cuisines is unique and fascinating. We have cultivated a menu with a unique fusion of Mexican recipes and Indian ingredients.

Mexican cuisine resembles a lot to Indian food. The love for spices and tangy food are shared by both countries. Like Indian food, Mexican also includes flatbreads, beans, tomatoes, and onions. And the best part is that the Indian-Mexican comes with a variety of options to choose from. If you love fusions food, try these versions of Indianised  Mexican food. Eat these feasts for the blast of a distinguished variety of spices for your taste buds.

Mexican Rice

Credits: Cubes and juliennes

Mexican like a supper of rice finished off with tangy salsa sauce! Rice with different parts blended in is additionally utilized as a stuffing for burritos. You can also try portions of Mexico's rice with coconut curry, seared rice, Mexican singed rice, and tomato Mexican rice. Coconut curry with seared rice is an easy formula. The rice is arranged rapidly and effectively by throwing it in spread with spring onions and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Each serving of rice is finished off with a delectable coconut curry, which stores different brilliant veggies and is enhanced excitingly with the red chillies and garlic.

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Chappati Quessadillas

Credits: Archana'skitchen

This is a total fusion of both cuisines. Instead of tortillas, one can easily make roti and fill it with a variety of their choice. You can also reuse your leftover Rotis and heat them on the tawas to have crispt chappati taco with the intention of your personalised favourite stuffing.

Mexican Bhel

Credits: Pinterest

Beals are the most loved street food of all time. You can easily find stalls selling mexican bhel at every corner of the streets, and people love them. Mexican bhel is a twisted version of Indian and Mexican ingredients.
The idea is to unite every suitable Mexican fixing like thick salsa, fresh tortilla chips, sweet corn, capsicum, and bubbled rajma along with a modest bunch of sev to make a crunchy, tart, thick bhel. Notwithstanding, you can change the flavour level as per your taste. The Mexican Bhel is a creative bite that you can serve at gatherings to satisfy your loved ones.

Fries before everything!

Credits: the table of spice

Crispy hot Fries topped with the tangy salsa sauce mixed with Indian masalas and vegetables, making it a proper Indian- Mexican fries. You can use any spices and vegetables you want. These Indianized Mexican fries have great popularity and are being sold in different food outlets.

Enjoy these fusions, which are healthy and easy to cook.