Single? Don't look for a house on rent in Supertech Capetown!
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Single? Don't look for a house on rent in Supertech Capetown!

Residents of this Sector 74 society in Noida say bachelors create nuisance!

Single? Don't look for a house on rent in Supertech Capetown!

If you’re a bachelor and are looking for a flat on rent at Supertech Capetown, then you’re going to be disappointed. Residents of the Sector 74 society in Noida have decided that they would not give flats on rent to bachelor tenants anymore.

The move was prompted by a recent incident in tower CV3 in the society where an altercation between tenants of a flat disturbed the residents of the entire building at night.

Shailendra Baranwal, a resident, said, “Last month, a girl came to live in a flat on rent in tower CV3. A few days later she posted on social media that she needed a flat partner. Soon a girl with a man came to live there. But after a few days, they got into a huge altercation. Finally police had to be called. Residents of CV3 were disturbed the whole night due to the incident.”

According to residents, bachelors create nuisance in the society. They drink at night, listen to loud music and make noise due to which residents are disturbed. Residents also say that they often find alcohol bottles in parks or elsewhere in the premises during morning walks.

Aman Jain, another resident, told City Spidey, "Tenants take flat on rent for two or three people. But six to eight people start living there. The result is that there is no silence in the society.”

The development, however, is a cause for concern for college students and working professionals who live in rented accomodations. Rohan Singh, a student of a private college, said, “If all societies stop renting flats to bachelors then we would have to live in hostels or as paying guests. That is very costly and comes with several restrictions.”

Raj Kumar, the head of facility staff, said that he has requested all flat owners to get police verification done for tenants. "For security purposes, it’s essential that police verification of all those who live on rent is done," he added.


The notice put up at the CV3 tower in the society. Similar notices would be put up at all the towers in the society soon.