Just 'Doodle' it!
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Just 'Doodle' it!

Doodling has real benefits linked to creativity, better learning and performance

Just 'Doodle' it!

Doodles are just small lines and figures created mindlessly. They are non-verbal messages that surface from the unconscious mind and they symbolize feelings, thoughts, and perceptions in visual form.It conventionally means "to scribble absentmindedly." Doodling has real benefits linked to creativity, better learning and performance.
Here are eight facts that might surprise you :

It brings out creativity 

This one is fairly obvious, but it ought to be stated. Doodling is a means for your thoughts to express themselves in a creative way. Every line you draw or sketch should be viewed as an extension of your creative abilities.

Excellent for concentrating

Concentration is aided by doodling. Doodling stimulates the brain without taxing it to the point where it requires a lot of concentration. Doodling is an excellent way to improve concentration.

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Encourages catharsis

Art therapy's unique capacity to produce catharsis is one of its most significant advantages as a wellness medium. When you doodle, you are assisting your mind in accessing and bringing to the surface deeply hidden emotions. This improves psychological stability over time.

It brings out the humour

We all need a good chuckle now and then. This is especially true when we're down in the dumps. Doodling comes into play in this situation. When you draw (especially faces), you're allowing your mind's comedic side to come out. Have you ever thought that the exaggerated characteristics you draw of a boss, a family member, or a friend are amusing? It will lift your spirits and make you laugh for an additional minute.

It's good for anxiety

Doodling has the extraordinary capacity to keep you focused on the present moment. You are participating in a beneficial exercise for anxiety when you bring out mental pictures from the unconscious. That's why doodling before an exam or a job interview is OK. It will assist you in coping with the situation.

Helps in understanding of problems

Doodling (an extension of art therapy) helps to develop new ideas for reasons we don't completely comprehend. Because these activities divert people's attention away from a specific problem, the unconscious mind is able to bounce it around and come up with answers. If you're a doodler and have ever had a spontaneous ah ha moment, it's possible that doodling had a role.

Encourages self-awareness

When you create random faces, lines, and forms, you give yourself the chance to find yourself. You can learn more about yourself by evaluating part of what you drew through thoughtful contemplation. Doodling is more than a recreational activity. It's a type of art therapy that aids in the channeling of one's essence.
Remember these eight advantages the next time someone tells you doodling is a waste of time.