Is your urine telling you something?
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Is your urine telling you something?

Urine which seems thick, is not clear, muddy and hazy can be called cloudy urine

Is your urine telling you something?

Every organ in our body has been given a task to perform an important activity, failing which can lead to risk of imbalance in our body and reach the verge of disease.
Today, we are going to talk about urination.

Why is it essential to urinate? Urine is the formulation of all the waste extract from water and other essential fluids of our body and is known as the product of metabolism. Kidneys work in processing the urine by filtering extra water from blood and waste from our body.

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We generally do not care about urination but it becomes necessary to notify if our body is sending us any signal to identify if there is any problem with it. This can be easily noticeable by the colour, smell, texture, consistency and  sensation one feels while urinating. So here are some of the signs which direct you towards the unhealthy signals of urination and make you aware about body dysfunctioning. :

Cloudy urine: Urine which seems thick, is not clear, muddy and hazy can be called cloudy urine. This sort of urine can be indicative of medical conditions such as dehydration, Urinary Tract Infection, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Diabetes, Kidney stones and vaginal infection.

Red urine: Red, dark brown or pinkish urine can occur when blood  leaks from your urinary tract while urinating. It is an alarming sign which directs you towards untreated medical conditions.

This condition is also known as hematuria. However, not every time the blood will be visible in urine. Sometimes, it can only be seen by microscope. Again, if your urine has the red or similar tint, it might be indicative of bladder or kidney stone, Urinary Tract Infection, kidney or bladder cancer, injury in kidney or bladder, abnormality in prostate gland.

Dark yellow urine: Brown or dark yellow coloured urine with muddy and hazy appearance could be a sign of diseases like Jaundice, liver failure or dehydration.

Enough about the colours. Now, if you feel a painful and burning sensation when you pee, it is the first sign of an undiagnosed medical condition. Here are some of the conditions such sensations are indicative of: Urinary Tract Infection, inflammation of vagina and urethra, STDs or Prostate Cancer.

Abnormal sensation or texture of urine: If your urine has a foam type texture, it might be indicating an extra protein level present in the body which can lead to damage in kidneys.

If you see your urine has some unusual properties and it goes for a prolonged period of time, don’t wait, visit a doctor at the earliest.