This is definitely not how naked wire and steetlight are handled
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This is definitely not how naked wire and steetlight are handled

I gathered that the wire was lying as it was on August 21

This is definitely not how naked wire and steetlight are handled

Dwarka: On August 21, while returning from the office in the evening I made exit from the metro station of Sector 14 to reach home on foot. While walking towards my society, I saw some CISF personnel standing at a tea stall under a tree at the corner of the road. The road approaches Nirmal Bharatiya School and Radhika Apartments in Sector 14 and other areas.

As soon as I reached the tea stall, I saw someone was looking at a wire lying on the ground partially hidden and partially visible. The CISF personnel and the tea stall owner shouted at me instructing me not to cross that wire. It was around 7 pm in the evening, the wire was almost not visible.

Naked wire lying on the ground

Out of curiosity, I asked them why should I not cross the wire? I had to take that road to approach my home. They said that the wire is open and there is current in it. Then I stopped and saw that smoke was coming out from a portion of the wire where the insulators were damaged. The current was flowing on the surface.

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It had rained that day and the surface was wet. The people who were sipping tea at the stall took no chances and alerted everyone about the chance of electrocution. I asked the CISF personnel, who seemed to have finished his duties that day and returning home, to call the police or inform the officials inside the metro station for instant measures to avoid any incident due to open wire. They denied calling and suggested me to do so.

At first, I thought to avoid the situation and reach home but then decided to call the authorities to inform them about the situation. I was afraid of any incident due to naked wire and for instant action, I decided to call the local police so that at least someone would reach there and coordinate with the concerned agencies. I wanted to ensure that someone should take responsibility for the subject.

Streetlight defunct for about a month 

I first called the area SHO but his phone was not reachable. Then I dialled 100. I called twice because the first call got disconnected in few seconds. In the second call, I informed them and requested to inform the local police.

After reaching home, I was just relaxing and asked my wife to make tea for me. As soon as I took the first sip, my phone rang. They asked me to reach on the spot. I told the person that it was raining and I was not in a position to come but he insisted me to come on the spot. From 7.27 pm till around 8 pm, I received about five calls and was compelled to reach the spot in rain. The calls were from the fire department and the electrical department.

I took my umbrella and reached the spot. The fireman approached me asked about the spot. He was standing near the metro gate with the fire brigade vehicle. I met him there and returned to the spot where already two persons were inspecting the wire. When asked, they said they were from BSES. The fireman had a conversation with the electrical person and returned.

I asked the fireman that why they came and why they came with the fire brigade vehicle, then he replied that it was the protocol to reach in preparedness. When I asked the electrical person about why such wire was lying on the ground in rain, he replied that the particular subject was not under his jurisdiction, yet they came on humanitarian ground.

Dangerously lying naked wire after heavy rain 

After getting assurance for repair from them, I returned home. The next day while going to the office, I asked the tea stall person about the wire, he replied that the electrical person had cut the electricity from the street light poles and there was no current.

Since August 21, I gathered that the wire was lying as it was with no current in it. Due to the disconnection of electricity, the street light of the particular pole is not working since then. The tea stall person informed that the problem was not resolved properly and the electricity was cut as a temporary measure making the area dark.

In this entire episode, I realised a huge coordination gap between the civic bodies. A huge information gap among the officials about the jurisdiction and a huge information gap in the community as well about whom to approach for such an issue.

In the last month, it rained multiple times. I crossed that area multiple times in the evening and morning, I witnessed CISF and police officials too taking tea at the stall and I witnessed the same wire in the same position at the same place. The naked wire is crying for the attention of the authorities.