Recent ads that are in public reckoning
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Recent ads that are in public reckoning

These recent ads do not just promote the product, they carry a message and entertain

Recent ads that are in public reckoning

Leave feature films and shows, this is the era of creative advertising. From Cadbury to CRED, brands are creating ads that not only promote the product but also give a message of empowerment and are vastly entertaining.

We bring recent trending Indian ad campaigns which are entertaining, motivating and socially relevant:

KanyaMaan - Manyavar Mohey

The latest ad by Indian ethic apparel brand Manyavar featuring Alia Bhatt questions the custom of Kanyadaan. Alia is seen sitting on the mandap where her wedding ceremonies are going on. Having a conversation with the audience, she questions patriarchal norms where a woman is considered “paraya dhan.” She looks at her family members, who love her dearly yet never subvert the customs that term her as an asset to be given away. In a poignant monologue, she asks, “Why just Kanyadaan?!”

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The ad ends on a positive note when both, the bride and the groom’s family come together to join hands to promote a new take to Kanyadaan, namely #KanyaMaan.

The ad has left the Twitterati divided. While many viewers could relate to the ad and appreciated it for its message of female empowerment, some see it as targeting Hindu customs.

Cadbury #Goodluck Girls

Everyone remembers Cadbury’s successful ad campaign shot in the 1990s named “Zindagi Ka Swad” where a boy hits a century, and his love interest runs to the ground dancing in celebration. In a progressive move, Ogilvy advertising reimagined this iconic ad in 2021 for Cadbury. This time it is a woman batting, a female panel, and a boy who cheers for her success.

The same background score plays evoking nostalgia. In the end, the final message reads #GoodLuck girls. This simple reversal of gender takes cognizance of sports for women in India, especially cricket. The ad has garnered appreciation for all corners and was termed as “long due.”

CRED ad featuring Neeraj Chopra

Who knew the advertisement for an application related to credit card payments could be so hilarious. Cred ads are on a roll for creating engaging ads. After the ad featuring Rahul Dravid getting angry and shouting, “Indra Nagar ka Gunda hoon main” became viral, this time it is Neeraj Chopra.

Chopra who recently got India a golden medal for Javelin throw in Tokyo Olympics becomes the hero of the recent Cred ad. He simultaneously played the role of a journalist, a cashier, a marketing executive, a filmmaker, and an aspiring javelin to show the newly founded craze for Indians in his life.

The ad has taken the internet by storm. Many eminent photographers, sportspersons and advertising experts have congratulated CRED and Neeraj Chopra for the ingenuity behind the production.

Thums Up Palat De campaign

Thums Up, after releasing successful campaigns with Olympic heroes, has recently partnered with International Cricket Council. The latest ad celebrates Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah ahead of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

The Palat De campaign celebrates the grit and resilience of Indian sportsperson against stereotypes, hurdles, and social limitations. The latest ad features Jasprit Bumrah, who was discouraged for having a short run-up. With his grit, Bumrah conquers it all to become one of the most successful fast bowlers in the Indian cricket team.

The campaign not only promotes Thumps Up, it celebrates our national sports heroes and motivates the viewers to not stop at anything. In Ravi Kishan’s powerful voice, the final message echoes, “Toofan wahi jo sab palat de.”