Dream Apartments: Residents convert outside stretch into green area voluntarily
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Dream Apartments: Residents convert outside stretch into green area voluntarily

The entire stretch is now adorned by various plants and trees

Dream Apartments: Residents convert outside stretch into green area voluntarily

Dwarka: A few years back, the stretch just in front of Dream Apartments in Sector 22, Dwarka was in a deplorable state. But now the stretch is adorned by various plants and trees. The makeover has been done by the residents of the society.

With the proactive efforts of the residents, the entire area is looking green. Not only that, but they have also placed small boards on the trees to make the community aware of the pollution, cleanliness and danger of smoking.

Secretary of the society, TC Batra said, “About three years back, we started our mission to make this particular stretch in front of our society green. Earlier, this area measuring approximately 340’ x 8’ in front of the society was in a bad shape. People used to bring their dogs for urinating and easing purposes.”

TC Batra, Secretary, Dream Appartments

“The area was also a thoroughfare for domestic servants. Even it was used as a dumping ground. Hence, the management committee decided to take over this area about a decade ago and convert it into a green belt. However, it could not come up to good expectations. Hence, for the last 3-4 years, more vigorous efforts have been put to make the area clean and green,” he said.

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The society has planted trees like banyan, peepal, neem, sheesham, pilkhan, pipri, amaltas and jamun. Also, there are flowers like champa, chandni etc. Some small signages has also been fixed near the area with messages like clean India, no smoking, throw refuse in the dustbin etc.

Sharing their journey to make the green belt, Batra shared, “In the beginning, the resident erected bamboo sticks and fixed thorny wires. However, with the passage of time, bamboo sticks faced wear and tear with changing weather conditions. Then, we fixed steel angles with concrete as a sustainable option.”

“The thorny wire was re-fixed and the hedges were re-planted. The society undertook the plantation every year mainly in the rainy season. Two gardeners, who were looking after the horticulture inside the society premises, were given the responsibility to look after the green area outside as well. We also started doing work on weekends. Now you can see the result of the community efforts,” he said quite animatedly.