Sweeten your baby's food with these natural elements
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Sweeten your baby's food with these natural elements

Here is a guide for all the new mommy and daddy on how to sweeten their baby’s food

Sweeten your baby's food with these natural elements

Consuming sugar is not always healthy, refined sugar can cause many health issues, when it is not taken in limited form. When it comes to toddlers, you must be concerned about their consumption of sugar through a variety of synthetic foods.

It is weird enough that from childhood, human beings are forced to eat sweet food made up of refined sugar with love but after some time at a certain age, it becomes unhealthy for us and causes problems like diabetes.

Toddlers can suffer from stomach aches, suppressed immune systems in children, learning disabilities, diabetes and insulin resistance due to consumption of high levels of sugar. You must be feeling compelled by thinking if not sugar so what should be given to the babies.

Here is a guide for all the new mommy and daddy on how to sweeten their baby’s food without sugar, you can use below written natural elements to add nutrition and sweetness :


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Fruits provide important nutrients, plant-based chemicals, and minerals and they are very important to add to your baby’s daily eating habits. You can mash and add them in food to make it sweet instead of sugar.

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You can use mashed banana and add in baby’s porridge or roll its mashed form on the tortillas (roti). Also, you can give a thick consistency of mixed milk and mashed banana to your kid as a treat. This will help them to enjoy natural flavours. You can also give them a fruit salad full of seasonal fruits, which will also provide them a bowl full of fibers and nutrients.

Sweet potatoes

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 You can also fill your kid’s plate with sweet potatoes garnished with lemon juice and spices. Consumption of this food will improve gut health, support the immune system and enhance brain’s function. You can eat sweet potato baked, steamed or fried.


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 Jaggery, also known as (Gud) in India, is one of the most common things you can find in kitchens. Add jaggery to any of the dishes like milk, halwa or seera for the spark of sweetness. You can even eat it after a meal as it helps to improve digestion, aids glucose control and prevents anemia.


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Honey is mostly baby’s favourite thing to eat and when you add it to their meal, they will definitely love it. If you love making bakery products for your kids, add honey to them. Cakes, biscuits, cookies can be sweetened up with honey. Add honey in milk and it will help your kid to consume antioxidants. Do not provide your kids with honey every day as it can also result in obesity and insulin resistance.

Coconut milk

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Coconut milk is mildly sweet, you can provide coconut milk too, to your kids instead of dairy milk. You can also add coconut milk while kneading the dough instead of water.