GB Nagar- Fire security loopholes sweep in high rise societies
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GB Nagar- Fire security loopholes sweep in high rise societies

The fire dept & authorities have not been transparent on fire safety on high rise societies in Noida

GB Nagar- Fire security loopholes sweep in high rise societies

Noida: A letter was sent toAnand Kumar IPS, Director General Police of  Fire Services, Lucknow for Fire related loopholes in various group housing societies in Gautam Budh Nagar. The letter was sent by Amit Gupta of Progressive Community Foundation, a resident welfare group. It was written in a letter that, “On June 2, 2020, there was an online meeting of various organizations with you from Gautam Budh Nagar. In which various topics related to fire from Gautam Budh Nagar were discussed, there was a lot of discussion on the topics and problems related to group housing society, but even after 1 year, most of these topics were not worked out except for fire inspection. We want to bring this serious issue to your notice again so that appropriate action is taken in time”.

“7X (Sector 74_79) which has more than 50,000 flats but no fire station. The nearest fire station is near Sector 71 police station followed by Sector 58, from where 7X reaches at least during peak hours. It takes 20 to 30 minutes. It is requested that a fire station should be built-in 7X as a new police station is being built. Fire NOCs of most societies have been given without investigation and are not essential items. After last year's meeting and after repeated requests, this year many societies have been inspected and many defects have been found. But most of the places the builder has not made any improvement in these. In this regard, you are requested to fix the responsibility of the builder and ensure that all the shortcomings are removed”, mentioned in the letter.

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Cityspidey also talked to Amit Gupta to know his concerns, he said, “Fire NOC should be re-examined before hand over to any society. The equipment that are not there should be made available and the responsibility of the builder should be fixed. If there is no provision of fire tender for above 12 floors in Noida, then a request should be made for that and a request should also be made for the helicopter”.

Vice President of NOFAA, Sachin Goyal said, “We have raised fire safety issues in various forums, especially for high rise societies. There are several issues but one of the major ones which are overhead for AOAs is getting a fire NOC & fire safety audit. Builders can manage to get the NOC even without proper fire safety arrangements and when AOA apply for the same, the department is giving several reasons. It is surprising how they have given NOC to builders without a fire safety Audit. Secondly, most of the high rise buildings are 14th floor and above but the department doesn’t have any fire tender for such height and it is scary when a resident gets to know about it. We strongly demand fire safety audits of societies and punish builders wherever proper work is not done”.

Vishnu Saini, the resident of EcoCiti,  Sector 137, said, “The same goes for many societies in sector 137 and other high rise sectors. The fire dept and authorities have not been transparent on fire safety on high rise buildings in Noida. Builders give possession in incomplete projects after getting the interim completion certificates and ignore the fire safety audits, many residents are compiled to stay in fire hazard or fire unsafe buildings due to this. Fire dept has no tracking system of fire audit certificate expiry of high rises and builder hide this information for their convenience and the end customer (occupants) puts his life in danger as he is the one who is under the pressure of rent and EMI. It shall be made mandatory for builders to stick fire safety certificates of each tower in a respective common area or lift. When every system is online these days, fire audit documents shall be made online as well and inspections dates shall be updated”.