Time to fix these roads in Dwarka!
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Time to fix these roads in Dwarka!

It's not just an inconvenience, it's downright dangerous! Time to pull up your socks and do something, DDA.

Time to fix these roads in Dwarka! The turn at the entrance of Sector 8

Roads in Dwarka are in a sorry state, and rains make the situation worse. There are cracks and damages at such important points as traffic signals, turning points and blind turns. Several service roads in the sub-city are begging for the Delhi Development Authority’s attention.  

SN Vashishth, president of Akash Ganga society in Sector 6, says, “The condition of roads is quite bad. Their surface is potholed and broken. Roads near the junction of sectors 5, 6, 2 and 3, just after the Palam drain and Dwarka flyover towards the airport, have become dangerous for commuters, especially for bikers. The DDA needs to look into it as soon as possible.”


The street in front of Police Chowki, Sector 3


There are some places where the roads are so bad that it becomes tough even for four-wheelers to navigate. For instance, just before the traffic signal at the junction of sectors 3, 13 and 14, the roads have big potholes and cracks. Jitender Uppal, secretary of  Himachali society in Sector 3, says, “Dwarka seems to have been neglected by the authorities. The road at the traffic signal in front of the Police Chowki in Sector 3 is a case in point. I feel the politicians who are representing Dwarka are not concerned about the civic amenities in the city.”

Another area that needs attention is the Master Plan Road in Sector 19 near Command Tank, where it turns towards Sector 23. Commuters say it’s a blind turn and the damaged road makes it all the more dangerous at night. “Every year the road near this particular turn gets damaged, but the DDA fails to take care of it before the monsoon,” says Vineet Chauhan, a resident of Sector 23.

Just at the entrance of Sector 8, the surface of the road is so damaged that it causes bikes to skid. PS Dhunta, joint secretary of the Sector 8 RWA, says, “Since the road here is a turn, the surface especially has to be in a good condition.”

In sectors 8, 13, 14, 22, 19 and 7, damaged stretches of roads are a common sight. The service lane in front of Dream Apartments, Sector 22, also needs repair. TC Batra, secretary of Dream Apartments, says, “The DDA and DJB have had a very lackadaisical attitude as far as road repairs are concerned. The service lane in front of our society has been damaged due to poor repair work on a water pipeline by DJB. We have written to the concerned department, but nothing has been done yet.”

When City Spidey contacted DDA, an official said that they are aware of the problem and proper repair work would start after the rains are over.


The road in front of Dream Apartments, Sector 22