All about Stockholm syndrome
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All about Stockholm syndrome

The name of the Stockholm Syndrome is derived from a botched bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden

All about Stockholm syndrome

You must have watched movies like Highway(2014), Three Days Of The  Condor (1975), Buffalo ‘66 (1998), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), where an abused victim starts developing a bond with an abuser specially when  they are captivated for a longer period of time. This condition is  called Stockholm syndrome

What is Stockholm syndrome ?
The  name of the Stockholm Syndrome is derived from a botched bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden also known as Norrmalmstorg robbery. It  happened
In August 1973, four employees of Sveriges Kreditbank were held hostage in the bank's vault for six days. During the standoff, a  seemingly incongruous bond developed between the captive and the captor.

Why does this condition occur?
Dr. Kirti Bajpai, Psychologist Counselor from Gurugram says “Stockholm  Syndrome creates an emotional connection which victims of abuse or  hostages develop towards their offenders over a period of time.” She  added “this psychological condition occurs when a victim stays with an  abuser for a longer time over the course of days, weeks, months or  even year's of captivity or abuse.”

Victims actually start empathizing and develop positive feelings towards their own wrongdoers to an extent where they may even react negatively or start violence against authorities like police or anyone who will try to get them away from their captor.

Dr. Bajpai mentioned “this syndrome is also known as terror or trauma bonding coming from the victims own basic survival instinct where they unconsciously try to form a bond with their abusers in order to  survive. And even feel grateful for small acts of kindness shown to  them.”

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What are the causes of Stockholm syndrome ?
Here are some of the causes of stockholm syndrome stated by Dr. Kirti Bajpai:
Abusive Relationship: individuals may develop positive feelings and emotional attachment to their abuser in case of sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Over a period of time, the victim is empathetic towards the abuser and they feel the abuser is doing right.

Child Abuse-In this abusers threaten their victims harm them  physically even threaten them with death. The abuser sometimes may show some kindness which may be perceived as a genuine feeling.  Victims often remain confused but may try to avoid upsetting their  abuser

Sex Trafficking -Victims in sex trafficking depend on their abusers  for basic necessities like food, water etc.When these necessities are provided to them these abusers develop positive feelings towards their  abusers. In fear of protecting themselves and their abusers, they do  not cooperate with the police and accept violence.

.Sports Coaching - Harsh coaching techniques sometimes become abusive.  As the victim may think that the harsh behavior of the coach is for their own good and in such cases they accept physical violence.

Other reasons could be that the captor treats its victims humanely and  spends some time with them without harming them which can help them develop a bond between the captor and the captive. Also at times the  captives feel that the police or other authorities do not have their  best interest at heart and may not be able to come for their rescue.

What is the treatment for Stockholm syndrome ?
It is not particularly  an official  mental disorder and dr. gives  relief to all the patients by mentioning that “the good news is that  it is treatable.” here is what doctor suggests:

Seeking help from a Psychologist can help in understanding the  cognitive dissonance and help victims have a better understanding of their concerns.